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Marzie Broumand worried about anomalies around the city’s theatre

Marzia Promend pointed out that the puppet show is a factor of reflection and reflection, and stressed the need to redefine the privacy of the city theater in order to preserve psychological health and environmental safety in the open space of this complex.

According to the informants, quoting the Public Relations Department of the General Administration of Performing Arts, Marzieh Broumand, a veteran actress, writer and director of the puppet theater, attended the 19th Tehran-Mubarak International Puppet Festival last night, where she watched the performance “280th Night of the Puppet”. “The Year,” written and directed by Marjane Burgolamoshin, sat in the Shadow Hall.

After performing this play that narrated the life of one of the martyred divers in the Karbala Shahr operation in a humane, delicate and romantic atmosphere, the artist met Kazem Nazari (Director General of Performing Arts) and Hadi Hajazifer (Zar Secretary of the 19th Tehran International Puppet Festival Mubarak

Referring to the 16th Tehran Festival of Puppet Shows, Broumand said, “I would like to say to Hedi Hajazifer, the General Administration of Performing Arts and all members of the organizing body, don’t get tired, they have carried out this period of the festival with order, force and planning.”

He stressed the importance of holding this great artistic event, and said: The theater, especially the puppet show, must be a reason for reflection and reflection before it leads to excitement in society.

And the artist continued: The majority of theatrical audience believes that puppet shows are only for children and adolescents, and the Tehran-Mubarak Festival of puppets will certainly make them aware of special shows for adults and know that puppet shows are for all age groups.

The current circumstances endangered the mental health of the City Theater

In this meeting, Broumand said, referring to the removal of the protection of the city theater complex in previous years: It is a good idea for the theater to be in the heart of a park and in an empty space. Certainly, the decision made in previous years to remove protection from this group was made with the right intent.

And he continued: When people’s economic conditions are not good and there are many cultural problems, the open area of ​​the city’s theater complex becomes a resting place for some people or a space for hawkers. Of course, the shops around the complex are also disturbed by the presence of hawkers, but when the economic situation is not good, the hawkers cannot be expected to stop working.

And this director explained: During my three years as secretary of the Tehran-Mubarak International Puppet Festival, I suffered greatly due to the external conditions of the theater complex in the city, as well as the ugliness and visual and audible pollution of human regret.

Broumand added: In my opinion, it is not right to have a wall around this complex because people have to be close to the stage and be able to move and breathe directly in this space.

Pointing out that the responsibility for protecting the privacy of the City Theater is not on the shoulders of the people of the theater, stressing: Unfortunately, the theater is exposed to great damage due to the circumstances surrounding the City Theater complex, and certainly the police force, the municipality and all organizations that deal with the economic, social and cultural conditions of the people must urgently think about This situation.

Referring to the unique location of the Shahr Theater Complex, Broumand said: The Shahr Theater Complex is the only theater in the country that has not been built in Tehran and other cities in the past 40 years. But the current circumstances put his mental health at risk.

The representative continued: Artists, young people interested in art, and people should be able to breathe easily in the open space of the City Theater Complex, but unfortunately the space is poisoned because the relevant organizations and bodies cannot do their job well.

The CEO of Khanna Cinema emphasized: There are problems such as poverty, corruption, addiction and others in the country, all of which contribute to the pollution of the city’s theater. Therefore, the only way or at least a temporary way to solve problems is to separate the specificity of the city theater from pollution.

In the end, Marzia Promend said: Certainly, separating the space of the city theater complex does not mean abandoning anomalies, but a new definition of the city theater’s specificity must be formed and problems and anomalies addressed.

The 19th Tehran-Mubarak International Puppet Festival takes place from 8 to 16 July 1402 under the direction of Hadi Hajazifer.

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