Does Qalibaf have privacy?

These days, some people around the Speaker have tried to explain the immorality of publishing photos and information about this trip by relying on privacy. He called on the authorities to deal with the trip. Is disclosure of travel or purchasing information by officers or their families a breach of privacy and is it an unethical act?

Privacy and its limits are one of the most controversial concepts in the modern world. With the proliferation of media and increased access to information in recent centuries, privacy has become a major legal issue in various societies. Although Iranian law does not provide a clear definition of privacy, in recent decades developed countries have enacted clear and relatively strict laws to protect the privacy of citizens from the media and government. But in the legal systems of developed societies, the privacy of ordinary citizens is becoming increasingly obsessed, the privacy of officials and key individuals is more limited, and the media have more free access to their own affairs due to their health. In a political system, the privacy of officials should be limited to the general public, so that they have very limited privacy in the field of information, because the public interest must have the necessary information about statistics, knowledge of politics, economics, and self-knowledge. cultural future

Supporters of her case are working to make the actual version of this statement available online. Supporters of her case are working to make the actual version of this statement available online. According to exclusion theory, officials or celebrities give up their privacy or part of their privacy by appearing in public or in public places. Some researchers have advocated the nomination of individuals for appointment or electoral responsibility, or as a form of media work in which celebrities risk their privacy for the sake of fame. In other words, they give up part of their privacy rather than gain prestige or fame, so they cannot expect rituals that respect their privacy.
At the same time, people have a right to know more about the politicians who govern their own destiny than about ordinary citizens to ensure that they have the power to rule or legislate.

In other words, the officers responsible for the administration of the state, if they are not present in the glass room, must wear the clothing of limited privacy and refuse to enter the realm of government.
Hypocrisy theory is based on the claim that people who pretend to be kind, but are not really respectful, have a right to know. According to this theory, celebrities who lie to society or hide their truth in their behavior or words, do not have the right to protest and complain after the truth is revealed.

In short, in the legal system of developed countries there are strict and restrictive laws to interfere in the lives of citizens and monitor their conditions, and criminals suffer more harm than shed light on the darkness of powers in the courts. To prevent corruption and eliminate corrupt officials or hypocrites, they have greatly reduced hypocrisy and corruption by enacting laws such as disclosure (protecting and rewarding whistleblowers), but here the opposite! Some specialized and media tools spy on the lives of ordinary people and expose them and, when necessary, expose and destroy their prestige, but knowing how officials and their families live and their travel is considered immoral .. Be!

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