They immigrated to North Korea!

Which station will this train reach in the name of developing the Internet?

first job
It opens a website and shows me that a company active in AI introduced it to the world a week ago. In my opinion this is a miracle rather than an extraordinary incident from the eyes of those who have high speed internet in this foreign country! He’s right, nothing when everyone here has access to the latest science, research, technology and developments. The site that was opened to me is a site where you say in one line, for example, write a two-page letter in a tone of complaint to a friend and criticize him for not doing such a thing.
The site writes a polite and respectful letter in the blink of an eye, and at the same time describes the complaint and the case in such a professional way that you feel that the author is sitting behind the device, without listening to your words, understands me and I want different moods, different topics, different recipients, different feelings, and finally different sizes of the site, And he does it all beautifully.

the second page
Here we have educated elites from two of the best universities in Iran, and they are talking about the fundamental problem. This work was done for the first time in the world and is a valuable development in the field of health technology in diagnosing various types of cancer. They have completed the initial stages of implementing this project with the help of the government of this country. Knowing such things, I talked to him about their technique. As he further explained, I am sorry for what our country has lost. I’m interested to know why they changed their location. I do not say that migration, in my definition, has a special meaning, i.e. moving from one place to another out of necessity for a valuable purpose. He had an emergency and had to, but would have preferred to stay if the situation wasn’t there.

The third task
Two weeks ago, a specialist doctor was suffering here. He came to take an exam, which is a test that Iranian doctors have to take to enter the labor market here. For several decades he served in the highest rank of medical sciences in Iran, taught, chaired a university in his resume and saved the lives of countless patients who were willing to take part in this test. It fits his life, abilities and scientific conditions. Many patients who have heard that you are leaving Iran because of a few of their specialties have asked where we will go while you are gone. He was saddened to hear of this broken heart. In the meantime, he talks about the achievement that was achieved as a result of years of research that he presented, which was not followed up for some reasons.

last page
Iran has arrived. When I turn on my phone, there is no internet. I asked the taxi driver, he says, earlier when there was a possibility of crowding in the city, the Internet was down, now there is no news, the situation is more or less the same. also joined. This is what the taxi driver says, but I see that the filter does not work, or foreign sites (non-political and porn sites!) Do not open without the filter. In this case, in order to contact the world of information, a person is willing to buy a filter cutter from the companies associated with the nobles on the other side of the border and put his web surfing report on the table. Regulators rely on search addresses (URLs), but their work doesn’t end there.
In a country that ranks second in internet filtering in the world, the government spokesperson says the internet is not filtered and only two foreign platforms have been filtered for violations, even though bandwidth is extremely low and even local news sites are forced to open. For foreign sites! This mode no longer needs a filter. He laughs and says that the liquidation has nothing to do with the Supreme Council for Cyberspace and is under the control of the Security Council of a country of which I am not a member, but he does not talk about his responsibility in solving the problem. People are angry about the technology industry and the current situation.
It is not without reason that the press has suggested deportation (forced emigration) of officials and their families, and they say that officials who speak out against cyberspace should live with their families in a place with the Internet and internal platforms or live in North Korea. To stay safe from cyberspace. I think North Korea is a good choice and will make their children grow academically because they recently signed a teacher-student exchange agreement with it! In addition, North Korea does not reach Iran, which ranks second in the world (and China first) in the filtering ranking, because the global Internet is meaningless!
Now, according to the most fundamentalist newspapers, only in 2022, about 2,800,000 Iranians, or 3.3% of the country’s population, emigrated abroad, and it should be noted that most of these immigrants go to Arab and Western countries, and none of them go to the country. east. Thus a little balance is created!


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