Psychological services are not economic activities

The head of the Psychological Counseling System Organization said: Psychological and counseling services are not an economic activity, but are part of the health field, and according to the constitution, they are not considered a commercial business, so they do not include unorganized activities.

According to the informants and quoting the information base of the Psychology and Counseling Organization, Dr. Muhammad Hatami of the Psychology and Counseling Organization said while attending the Economic Bureau of Sima 1 Channel: Article 44 of the Public Policy Law, based on its provisions, indicates that it is market-based, but psychology Consultation is not taken into account. Economic fields are part of the humanities. According to footnote 2, Clause C, Article 3, Article 44 of the Public Policies Law, this law does not include activities in the health, educational, research and cultural fields.

He continued: Counseling and psychology is a public service and according to the constitution is not work, it is not of the nature of psychology and career counseling, but rather it is part of health activities. Each year, the tariffs for services and psychology are approved by the Supreme Council of Health Insurance and recommended to the Cabinet on the basis of paragraph A of Article 9 of the Standing Regulations of the State Development Program, and the Cabinet also approves and informs the matter. . .

He continued: Therefore, the issue of mental health is more complex than medicine and cannot be left in the hands of those who have not confirmed its merits. The Supreme Leader also warned in this regard.
The Islamic Council decided how to issue the license, but in the future we will take a professional qualification test and contact the national licensing portal.

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