Al-Sahraoui was presented to Parliament as the proposed Minister of Education

The Parliamentary Deputy to the President of the Republic said: Raisi Reda Murad Al-Sahrawi submitted a proposal to Minister of Education in a letter to the Speaker of Parliament.

According to the informants, when announcing the selection of Sahrawi as Minister of Education, Mr. Muhammad Hosseini announced that: The President of the Republic, in implementation of Article 133 of the Constitution, in a letter to Muhammad Baqir Qalibaf, head of the Islamic Council, nominated Reza Murad Sahraei for the position of Ministry of Education and presented Burish to Parliament.

He added: Dr. Reda Murad Al-Sahrawi’s educational, scientific, research, administrative, urgent and priority programs are attached to the President’s letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Referring to the list of priority field programs and actions, Hosseini said: These programs include the implementation of the Fundamental Transformation Document for Education, the Fundamental Transformation, work to attract education and improve the human capital of education, and calm down strategic systems and mechanisms. , management of teaching and learning, promotion of educational justice and an equal share of education and quality in educational and educational programs, use of internal and external capabilities of the school (participation), relaxation and optimal utilization of the supply system, allocation and consumption of financial resources at various levels of the education system, standardization and development of educational space, equipment and technologies Education and improving the educational capabilities of families is one of the most important programs proposed by Dr. Sahrai, Minister of Education.

The Parliamentary Deputy to the President of the Republic also expressed his hope that a vote of confidence in Dr. Sahrai would take place as soon as possible in accordance with the internal regulations of the House of Representatives after reviewing the plans of the proposed minister in the Education Authority.

the end of the letter

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