From organizing 38 industrial spots to canceling licenses for inactive industries outside the industrial cities

Referring to the approval of the cabinet’s decision on regulating industrial and mining units around Tehran, the deputy economic governor of Tehran said, “With this decision, 38 industrial sites around Tehran will be organized on the basis of environmental principles.”

According to the informants, Heshmatullah Asgari said at the meeting of the working group to remove and remove production barriers in Tehran Province: In this meeting, issues of 15 production units in areas such as social security, tax affairs and the banking network were discussed. From Note 18, Tehran shares amount to 4,500 billion tomans, of which 1,000 billion tomans are allocated to production units of industry, tourism and agriculture, and 500 billion tomans to support knowledge-based companies to enable production units. It has been found and 120 billion tomans have been paid to these companies so far.

He said: Two weeks after the meeting to remove barriers to production, the approvals will take an executive form. With the approval of the last government decree, which is the forty-second year and has not changed in these years, the problems of production and industrial units will be reduced. Because with this eulogy, the problems of many industrial units in the county will be resolved and 38 industrial sites in the county will be converted into industrial cities.

He continued: It is allowed to develop and define production units in cities and governmental and non-governmental industrial zones approved by the Environmental Protection Authority within the limits of water resources. Obtaining environmental permits in the same region and production chain outside the region. Seal assigned water resources. , without hindrances.

The Deputy Governor of Tehran emphasized: In this decision, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is obligated to review and cancel the identity card, industrial activity certificate and passive industrial exploitation licenses, as well as review industries outside the colonies and industries. Regions. . Submit relevant information to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Asgari continued: The sand classification units in the sand mine area have an exploitation license in accordance with the standards of establishing the industry and approved by the Environmental Protection Organization, 120 kilometers from Tehran. Integrated Industries, with the aim of clarifying the current status of the industries and helping to make decisions in related matters, decided to establish and launch 120 kilometers from Tehran within 6 months. With this decision, cities and industrial areas in the city of Firouzkoh are exempted from paying taxes.

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