Today the final results of the “final exam” protests will be announced.

The final results of the protests against the final exam result for the month of June 1402 will be announced today, Monday, July 26.

According to the informants, Today, Monday, July 26, the final results of the Khorhad final exams will be announced, and candidates who protested against their scores and wanted to re-mark their papers, can be informed of their final results and scores.

For this purpose, students can obtain information about the final result of their protest and their final grades today by referring to their school through which they registered their protest final exam paper grades.

According to the informants, the final exams for the 12th grade for the theoretical branch began this year on May 31 and continued until June 25.

This year’s exam papers have been marked electronically. In the electronic marking method, the answer sheets are marked by correctors without student details and completely independently, and the identity of the respondents cannot be identified to the correctors.

The deadline for protesting the final exam result has been announced from Sunday 18th July to Wednesday 21st July. In this regard, students can be informed by referring to their day schools and volunteers who have graduated, by referring to their adult schools, about their grades and register a protest if they wish.

The protest request must be submitted by the student himself by filling out a form.

Protests were made by country, randomly and other than the student’s own county, meaning the student’s paper was randomly sent to a county other than the student’s for re-marking.

The examination papers were handed over to the fourth corrector for review and re-correction, and the work criterion is the grade of the fourth corrector. Therefore, candidates have been advised if they are confident of improving their score, to request a protest because there is a possibility of a reduction in the score and the criterion for action is the score declared by the fourth grader.

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