Trying to replace natural gas instead of fossil fuels in the industry and agriculture of Ardabil Governorate

Reporters / Ardabil CEO of Ardabil Gas Company, we are looking for maximum utilization of capabilities to replace natural gas instead of fossil fuels in the industrial and agricultural sector.

On April 14, in a meeting with the managers and employees of the headquarters and executive units of this company, Mir Saeed Sidmatin, CEO of the Ardabil Governorate Gas Company, while congratulating him on the occasion of Nowruz and the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, called for the opportunity to serve. And the people said of God’s grace: New Year’s Eve is an opportunity, and it is an occasion to start over and start great movements in the service of the noble people in Ardabil Governorate and natural gas subscribers.

The past year was considered a turning point in the history of the company due to the development of infrastructure, the start of gas supply operations to the largest greenhouse in the country, the stability of natural gas in the north of the province, as well as obtaining the necessary permits to establish the second transmission line in the province and the supply of stable gas to the provinces and subscribers of natural gas. He mentioned the province’s gas and added: Commander Farzana called this year the year of curbing inflation. The growth of production and the realization of this important motto requires the unity and sympathy of all people at all levels.

Appreciating the efforts and services of the diligent employees of the Ardabil Gas Company in the cold seasons of the year and the focus on developing the company’s infrastructure, Sayed Mateen said: Our focus, God willing, is on planning to achieve the company’s slogan. A new year with a focus on production growth and the use of maximum capacities to replace natural gas instead of fossil fuels in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

This should be noted; At the end of the ceremony, the CEO and members of the Board of Directors honored colleagues who had the honor of being retired during the past year.

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