What is digital printing and what are its uses?

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Today, digital printing has managed to open its place in the Iranian printing industry. This printing method has many advantages and is very affordable. This method is commonly used for printing in everyday applications. In this article, you can learn more about digital printing and learn about digital printing.

What is digital printing?

If you also want to get acquainted with a brief and useful definition of digital printing, we should briefly say that digital printing is a simple method of printing images on paper or other printable surfaces, and it is much cheaper than non-digital printing methods. This is done with higher quality and faster playback, and at the same time, the way to convert and print images is much easier and more convenient. In the digital printing method, the printer is connected directly to the computer and finally prints the desired text.

The printer is one of the very simple digital printing devices, which almost all of us have at home and use to print in very limited and small quantities. Different printing machines have different technologies and are produced in different sizes and dimensions for specific functions and applications. Below we will learn more about digital printing devices. The group of photographers also uses the latest technology and digital printing devices and provides all services related to printing with the highest quality.

Digital printing features

Digital printing has unique and special features. Among the features of this printing method, we can mention the high speed of this printing method. In addition, it is also necessary to point out that there is no zinc in digital printing and the ink or color is injected directly onto the paper. This method of printing can be used for small runs, and in this sense it can be economical.

But if you want to do printing in large quantities, we recommend that you use other traditional printing methods, such as offset printing. Because there will not be much economic savings in the digital method of high circulation printing. Another advantage of this printing method is the ability to change the design. Unfortunately, in non-digital methods, this possibility either does not exist or it is difficult to change the required text and print the same design. Since the speed of working in the digital way is very high, you can place more orders in a limited time.

digital printing applications

Because digital printing is efficient and economical for low cycles, this method can be used to print large portfolios and projects. Another use of digital printing is in printing greeting cards, business cards and any personal cards. However, you cannot use offset printing to produce business cards. In digital printing, the design of a business card is decided once and the text and specifications on it are changed many times, and this issue can have many applications in personal printing.

Another application of digital printing is in the textile industry and textile production. The digital method is usually used to print the desired design on the fabric and is also quite affordable. Another use of digital printing is in the decoration design and construction industry. Painting prints or printing on hard surfaces such as mdf is usually a challenging task, which can of course be done with digital methods. In addition, digital printing is used to print photos, produce all kinds of business cards, business cards, advertisements, etc.

Benefits of using digital printing

Using digital printing has many advantages and benefits. A very good benefit of using digital printing is the high quality of the results and the print. It can be safely said that the quality of digital printing is much better than other methods. The second point is the ease of use of this device. Using non-digital methods has its own problems and a professional person should really deal with them. Meanwhile, you can easily use digital devices and you won’t need special training.

Although the cost of digital printing is more expensive than the offset method; But the costs of the prepress steps found in the offset method are not present in the digital method, and in general, it can appear very efficient and cost-effective on smaller size prints. Although there are new devices on the way that are capable of printing large quantities, digital devices are mostly used for samples and limited prints, and apart from these, the running speed of these devices is much higher.

Various digital printing methods

There are different ways to print digitally. Among the most important digital printing technologies are ink-jet printing, electrophotographic method including ink and digital inkjet printing, direct imaging printing, color sublimation method, thermal printing method, photolithographic or laser printing method, and laser markers. In the current group of methods, the inkjet printing method is the most common and highest quality method for digital printing.

This printing method is characterized by different printing machines that are used in different sizes and shapes for specific applications. Another widely used digital printing method is photolithography or laser printing. This printing method is very similar to photo printing. Other printing methods are used in one form or another and each has its own applications in the printing industry.

Why is digital printing important to businesses?

Digital is a kind of professional printing, the quality of which is higher than offset printing. Digital printing is used for small print orders. Although the cost of digital printing itself is higher than that of offset printing, but due to the fact that it has fewer working steps, part of the costs are offset, and in general, it can be said that it will not make much difference in costs.

Another advantage of digital printing is the ability to quickly place orders; So that printing work can be done in real time and this feature is very useful when companies or individuals want to fulfill their orders quickly. Since each file can be printed in small numbers in digital printing, the potential for product versatility is increased and thus customers can have all required designs as printed samples.

Where is the best digital printing in Iran?

Currently, in Iran, digital printing services are provided by various centers; from technical offices to advertising agencies and printing complexes; Of course, it should be noted that the quality of work in all these centers is not the same; If print quality is very important to you and at the same time you are looking for a good price, we will offer you the central printing complex.

This complex is currently the most equipped and advanced printing complex in Iran, which provides various services in the field of printing, including offset printing and digital printing. Central printing services are very diverse and things like exhibition structure printing, promotional gift printing, woodblock printing, embossing, flex printing, business card printing, etc. are among the most important ones.

The Digital Printing Department of the Central Printing Complex is in fact the most equipped and modernized digital printing center in the country, which has provided the possibility of direct communication between customers and the printing house. This work, along with speeding up printing orders, greatly reduced printing costs; Because customers no longer pay fees to technical bureaus as intermediaries.

There is also a department called postpress services in the central printing complex, which is one of the most complete groups of digital postpress services in the country; In this section, all post-print related services such as cutting, folding and all types of binding are performed quickly and with high quality.

The variety of services offered by the central printing complex, including design and printing services, so that customers do not need to visit unnecessary and frequent centers for various printing orders. The Central Printing Complex has more than two decades of impressive experience in the field of printing and is currently the contracting party for organizations, agencies, advertising centers and technical offices in the country.

Digital printing in Iran

After the first computers arrived in large quantities and for general use in the early 1970s, a generation of printers also entered the country. These printers were the first digital printers in Iran, after which the printing industry advanced day by day with the introduction of digital printers. Today, this industry has become widespread and the life of most of the country’s population is associated with it.

Also, in 1380, digital printing was revolutionized with the arrival of large format printing machines in Iran. These machines made it easy to print environmental advertisements in large dimensions and provided the best performance for printing all kinds of banners and other advertising items in large sizes in the shortest possible time. By removing the plate and zinc, this machine directed the printing process towards customization and provided the ability to print all kinds of printing orders according to the customer’s demand in the shortest time.

Diversity in digital printing

The variety and range of printing dimensions in digital printing starts from the ability to print small labels in the packaging industry and includes various types of books and brochures of different sizes, as well as large outdoor advertising banners. The printed surface material in this printing includes a wide range of the most important and practical, including:

  • All types of paper in rolls and sheets
  • floppy types
  • Signboard
  • Clothing
  • And the …

If we think about this method of printing fairly, we will find that no other form of printing is flexible and changeable. This printing can be done with most of the machines available in the market, and customers can also use the laser printing method to customize their orders. The variety and breadth of printing methods and techniques requires that we know them properly and be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each, so that we can know which one is better and which one to use if necessary.

digital printing methods

Digital printing has improved a lot compared to its early days, and today it is one of the most important and practical printing methods after offset printing in the printing industry. Sobh Advertising Center for Advertising has made the most of this tool in the printing industry and fulfills all kinds of printing requests for its audience in this way. Today, many machines for digital printing have been produced, which are classified according to their dimensions and type of function.

digital printing performance

Digital printing is one of the few printing methods that can be done in many different ways. In fact, each of the machines made in this printing method has different technology and their printing process is different from each other. These methods include:

  • optical digital method
  • Electrophotographic method
  • Laser marking method
  • Color sublimation printing method

digital visual

Optical, or by packet, printing is a common method of digital printing used in most printers and home printers. In this method, rays of light are printed on the paper and then the image appears on the paper. This printing method is generally done in two stages: printing and appearance.


This method of printing is done with the help of liquid inks or a solid powder compound which is toner. Machines that use this printing method complete the digital printing process by printing ink onto the paper.

laser printing

Laser printing is done by means of laser beams or other thermal arrays on the respective surfaces. In this printing method, it is necessary for the desired surfaces to be heat sensitive to create chemical reactions with the help of laser-induced heat to complete the printing process. This method is also widely used in home printers such as optical printers.

color sublimation

This method is one of the fastest and highest quality digital printing methods. In this way, with the help of a laser, colored materials are evaporated onto cellophane and then printed on the supposed surfaces.

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