Listen to some music tracks on the occasion of the great Sha’ban feast

Is it possible to talk about Eid and happiness without including music? Music is always a source of happiness and good mood.

Journalists Plus: Half of Shaban belongs to the Twelfth Imam of the Shiites, Hazrat Al-Mahdi (pbuh), which is usually accompanied by celebration and joy in the neighborhoods or homes. Among the people of music, there are also artists who have published compositions and dedicated them to the Savior of mankind. Here you can listen to the music tracks produced and published by Imam Zaman.

“He” in the voice of Mohsen Chafushi

“Ya” is the name of one of the songs of Mohsin Chavushi, a prominent pop singer, who is dedicated to the presence of Hazrat Wali-e-Asr (pbuh). The lyrics for this piece were written by Chavushi himself, and he composed the music.

“Naji” voiced by Farman Vitlian

Fans of Sufi music are well aware of Farman Fattalian and the Elia band. The compositions of Fath Alyan’s music are usually in the description of Hazrat Ali (pbuh), but he also has a piece called “Naji” in his collection, which was specially composed for Imam Zaman (pbuh). This piece was composed by the artist himself.

“Return” in a willing voice

Ragheb is one of the singers of the new generation of pop music and has many fans these days. In his professional life, he has a piece called “Awda” which he dedicated to Imam Al-Asr (PBUH). This piece was composed and performed by Ragheb and the lyrics were written by Raha Rezaei.

“Imagination We Lived” with the voice of Muhammad Isfahani

Mohammad Esfahani, a pioneer of Iranian pop music, also produced a piece called “Khayal Aishna” with predictable content. The lyricist of this work is Abdul-Jabbar Kakai and the music is produced by Shayan Karim-Nejad.

“Has Gharib” by Ali Al-Hasabi

On Friday evening, most of us Iranians were almost chained to Ali Harasbi’s voice. When he sings about “a strange feeling”. The song was composed with permanent melody by Mohammad Reza Chirag Ali and the lyrics were written by Siavash Purshir Muhammad.

Waraq with the voice of Ehsan Khajeh Amiri

“Al-Warq” is the title of one of the ancient pieces of Ihsan Khajeh Al-Amiri, which was dedicated to Imam Zaman (pbuh). The composer of this work is Reza Khosravi and the arrangement is by Afshin Azari.

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