Gul Mohammadi crossroads to continue working in Persepolis

Günel Mohammadi, who has been on his way to retaining his assistants for the past two years, has now asked the club’s board of directors to replace the technical staff and is at a crossroads between staying in the defensive staff or adding other assistants. ”

According to informants, this newspaper News Sports “Despite the contract with the club, Persepolis’ coaching staff may see changes,” he wrote.

In recent weeks, with the end of the 22nd season of the Premier League, Persepolis handed the trophy to Esteghlal Tehran after five consecutive tournaments, ending the five-year streak the white team was proud of. In the past two weeks, Persepolis will face Mashhad and Fazl Shahid Sebasi cars, which need full points in these games to determine their runner-up.

The fluctuations of decision-making in Persepolis were accompanied by controversy in the dressing room of the team such as Alireza Ebrahimi, Hamid Lak and Ramin Rezaian, which led to verbal clashes with the technical staff and constant injuries to some of them, which led to Yahya Gul Mohammadi. his team.

After Esteghlal’s final victory, the coach of Persepolis took charge of all the results in a conversation with reporters, but the club’s managers still believed that Gul Mohammadi had to make more important decisions so that Persepolis could return to its prime days.

Constant errors and injuries to Persepolis goalkeepers, with the goalkeeper remaining, have raised the possibility of changes to Persepolis’ coaching staff.

Gul Mohammadi, who has kept his assistant over the past two years, is facing a request from the club manager to replace the technical staff so that they have two options: to stay in the current staff or add other assistants. “Yahya certainly has no choice but to add a new idea to his assistant to take over the leadership of his team’s technical staff and escape the pressures of criticism.”

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