The necessity of adhering to the rules and fairness in providing banking facilities to bank employees

The Secretary of the State Banks Coordination Council said that, according to the Monetary and Credit Council’s decision, the percentage of employees’ entitlements in the banking network is at least 10%.

According to the Sedavasima News Agency, the Secretary of the Coordination Council for State-owned Banks together with the spokesperson for the 90th Main Committee of Parliament answered questions related to providing banking facilities to bank employees.

Coordinator: Today, in part of the government council meeting, the president stressed the need to observe rules and fairness in providing any kind of banking facilities to bank employees, and what is the percentage of bank employees’ salaries? Where is the discussion of the regulation on the payment of dues to bank employees, which was supposed to be prepared and reported by the end of April, and finally, what are the oversight measures taken by the House of Representatives in this regard? To receive answers to questions in the studio, we are at the service of Mr. Alireza Qaitasi, Secretary of the Coordination Council of State Banks, as well as Mr. Ali Khazrian, spokesperson for the Principle 90 Committee in Parliament.
Moderator: Tonight, on the order of the President, we are also following up on this issue based on our duty.?
Mr. Alireza Qaitasi, Secretary of the State Banks Coordination CouncilAs you know, news spread in the past days indicating that the employees of the banking network are using the facilities with the numbers that were published. The employees of the banking network, like other sections of society, use the facilities to meet their needs that are available from the beginning of employment, that is, the employee who works in the banking system, especially governmental and semi-governmental banks, who are members of the Banks Coordination Council, I am here to serve you on behalf of these dear ones. They work from the beginning of their employment until their official decision, that is, after two years of their employment history, they become eligible for companionship. It is a residential facility, it is a necessary facility, and it is a housing repair facility, and these facilities have been provided to employees since the establishment of the banking system in the country based on existing laws, regulations, and instructions until 2015 before it was included in the budget law for the year 2015. The issue of facilities for bank employees must be discussed based on The approvals of the Supreme Council of Banks and the prior approvals of the Council of Monetary and Credit, and when the Supreme Council of Banks was dissolved in 2004, the duties of the Supreme Council of Banks would be transferred to the Honorable Board of Directors of Banks, and accordingly the instructions were paid. Since 1995, the budget law has been accelerated, and the facilities for bank employees, because of the doubts that prevailed in society that the percentage of these facilities is low, the law stipulated that a working group composed of His Excellency the Minister of Economy, the President of the Planning and Budget Authority, the head of the respected body, should The central bank of this working group decides the ceiling of the facilities for the employees of the banking system and, on the other hand, the rate. As specified in this law, which should be based on the decision of the Monetary and Credit Council, which in August 2016, the facilities set by this working group, with any ceiling, the rate of this facility should be at least 10%, that is, we do not have Facilities of less than 10% in the banking network today, so our facility rate is 10% and there are no exceptions, in government and semi-government member banks of the coordination of banks. The Council, the supervisory bodies have a constant presence, the honorable Court of Accounts, the General Inspectorate, the legal inspector, if there is a case in the state-owned banks on the violation of these regulations, the instructions have been prepared, that is, in 1395, these instructions have been prepared every year In the budget, and the budget law has been corrected and the latest instructions that currently exist are the instructions prepared in the budget law of 1401 based on Note 4 under Article 11 of the budget law. The Executive Regulations of the Budget Law of 1401, which were changed in 1401 to this, it is a fact that his former staff consisted of three people: the Honorable Minister of Economy, the President of the Program and Budget Organization, and the Honorable Governor-General. central bank.

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