Hoarding currency in an airline office

Aftab news:

Explaining the details of this news, Colonel Hedayat Bahrami said: Through the implementation of technical and police measures, these police officers were informed of the unauthorized activity of an aviation office in the Shariati Street area of ​​Tehran and placed the matter on their shoulders. their agenda. After these procedures, the CEO of this airline office was finally identified and the agents realized that this office was buying currencies from the market and stockpiling foreign currency in the airline office with daily currency notes.

Bahrami continued: After judicial coordination, a team of agents went to the aviation office and arrested the CEO of this authority, and they also discovered and seized 674,451 foreign currency units during further investigations.

The head of the Economic Security Police in Tehran added: When the accused was taken to the police headquarters, he confessed to committing the crime and stated that he used to buy $200,000 or foreign currency from the open market every day.

Babian said that the experts announced that the riyal value of the discovered currencies exceeds 300 billion riyals.

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