733 thieves and mules caught in Tehran

The Metropolitan Police Chief, announced the arrest of 733 thieves and mules in the final phase of the Thunder plot.

According to the informants“Today, phase 56 of the RAD project was implemented after several days of information and operations,” said Sardar Hussain Rahimi, 56, of the RAD project, which was held this morning at the Capital Police headquarters.

The Greater Tehran Police Chief continued: By destroying 19 gangs, 3240 pieces of people’s property were discovered and 953 pieces of theft were investigated.

He stated that the real value of the discovered properties ranged between 4 billion and 3 million tomans and said: Also, 22 fugitives were arrested in the aforementioned scheme. Also at this stage of the project, 270 ammunition, 117 cold steel and four firearms were discovered.

The chief of the Greater Tehran Police stated that in this plan, 87 places of thieves, 17 places of thieves and two thugs were cleared, adding: 59 drug outlets were also cleared.

Also, 5% of thieves arrested today say they are vehicle and spare parts thieves. 3% of women in their pockets. Also, 5% are street thieves, 2% are private and government thieves, and 5% are home thieves.

Rahimi described one of the achievements of the project as follows: in one of the cases carried out at this stage of the project, 90 kilograms of heroin was discovered from a gang of four.

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