It is not enough to identify unsafe buildings alone / Security facilities must be provided

“It is not enough to provide a list of unsafe buildings, but building owners must implement incentive policies along with regulatory actions to ensure building safety,” said the committee and council members.

In an interview with the informants, Muhammad Hassan Asfari mentioned the lessons to be learned from the collapse of the metropolis of Abadan: a weak building was allowed to increase its floors and the 4-storey permit was changed. For ten floors?

He stressed: In the first place, violators must be dealt with so that it is an example to others.

The members of the internal committee said: The capital is not the only unstable building in the country, and in my opinion, it can only be prevented by identifying future crises. Today the list announced that we have about 137 unsafe buildings, but I think that number is high.

A representative of the people of Arak in the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: In addition to the measures of the oversight bodies, incentives such as sharing facilities so that people and owners of commercial and residential buildings can move towards security should be considered. and modification of buildings. Today, not only unsafe roads or multi-storey buildings in the country, but also many apartment buildings built on the outskirts of cities, collapse with minimal vibration or stress.

In conclusion, Asfari stressed: “Policies must be developed in this regard so that the owner of the building needs to secure unsafe buildings and at the same time the necessary facilities and facilities.”

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