The wounded in the all-out Mahan conflict were released

Aftab news:

Dr. Syed Muhammad Saberi added to reporters on Sunday evening: At 15:20 pm today, the emergency department was called, and a clash was announced between two groups of passengers of two buses carrying passengers other than Kerman in Mahan.

It was reported that a 44-year-old man sustained head injuries in this conflict and was fortunately discharged from the medical center after treatment.

He continued: The 38-year-old is receiving medical treatment for a laceration in the back of his head and ear, and he will be discharged soon.

The head of pre-hospital emergency in Kerman said: In this accident, a woman also had a cardiorespiratory arrest.

He said: An emergency crew was immediately dispatched to the scene after learning of the accident, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation services were provided to this lady and she was transferred to the health center.

The head of the pre-hospital emergency department in Kerman continued by saying that this patient received the necessary procedures at the medical center, but unfortunately the medical procedures were not effective and this person finally died.

And he said: According to the narration of her companion, who introduced herself as the grandson of the deceased, and according to the report of the attending physicians, this 72-year-old woman had traces of open-heart surgery on her chest.

Saberi said: The deceased was a resident of Hormozgan province, and possibly the city of Jask.

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