Developing a 100-article policy to improve safety in the Tehran metro

The Deputy Prevention and Risk Reduction of the Crisis Prevention and Management Organization in Tehran announced the development of a 100-article measure to improve the safety of the Tehran metro.

Ismail Salimi said in an interview with the informants: Referring to the meeting of the Special Committee last week to formulate the regulations for improving the safety of the Tehran metro and its approvals, he indicated that this is the first meeting of the committee in the presence of the heads of the Crisis Prevention and Management Organization in Tehran. and Executive Director. At this meeting, the Fire Department and the Fire Department reviewed strategies to improve safety in the rail transportation network, including the routes in use, as well as those under construction and operation.

He stated that the 100-article guideline was written to improve metro safety, adding that the terms of this roadmap were reviewed at some point and in some cases amended with the opinion of experts and managers present at the meeting. .

Salimi said that the head of the Organization for Crisis Prevention and Management in Tehran stressed the need to focus and improve the safety of underground transportation: “Given that millions of citizens use the metro network in the city, this is necessary and this is necessary. A mechanism has been developed with the development of this mechanism. Regarding flexibility So that a clear vision of the complete safety of the subway is achieved.

The Deputy of Prevention and Risk Reduction in the Organization for Crisis Management and Prevention in Tehran formulates this policy in accordance with Resolution No. 2224 of the Islamic Council in Tehran, “Crisis Management Action Plan and Emergency Response Plan. These axes include modernizing the crisis management system, raising the quality of passive protection in Tehran, and updating Safety and crisis management systems, applying passive protection principles and securing underground space against natural and man-made disasters.This policy

According to him, the services at this meeting will be examined in accordance with the national building regulations and the third topic of NFPA, in addition to previous experiences in the field of fire safety and preparation in Tehran, taking into account national and international regulations and standards to increase safety in the metro.

Salimi also said about the most important conditions of this method:

The deputy of the Crisis Management Organization in Tehran said that implementing some of the conditions for this procedure requires funding. He said: b.

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