Reducing traffic in Tehran by 8% by floating school and office working hours

The head of the construction committee of the Tehran City Council announced an eight percent reduction in traffic with the implementation of a plan to float school and office working hours.

According to the informants, Hojjatul Islam Aghmeri said, this morning, at the meeting of the Tehran City Council, in his statement before his mission, that he participated in the traffic coordination meeting of the governor on behalf of the council: This meeting is being held with the aim of reviewing the project. . In order to float the working hours of schools and offices, and in this meeting, reports were submitted to the governor’s office, the traffic police and the municipal transport complex, and the general discussion was that the implementation of this plan succeeded in reducing traffic. At 8%, some schools, especially not-for-profit foundations and departments, did not implement it.

He stated that prioritizing and delaying the start of activities controls the traffic, and said: In this meeting, we announced that Tehran has established all roads and highways, except for the two ring roads, based on the model of its master plan, and there are eight roads equal to the capacity of cars. In Tehran, we can practically control traffic only with such a plan.

Members of the Tehran City Council stated that this project will be implemented until the end of November, and if all institutions agree, it will be finally approved and implemented in perpetuity, and they explained: Of course, these reports are based on comparison. The first 20 days of October this year with 2018; However, surveys were conducted via SMS and face-to-face surveys, which showed 75% satisfaction.

He said: I thank the Tehran Traffic Council because I made a suggestion that school services use special lanes from six to eight in the morning, which was agreed upon.

According to the informants, the city council members voted affirmatively to continue reviewing the Tehran Mayor’s bill regarding the appointment of 14 official employees of the Tehran municipality as concerned deputies and voted affirmatively on the urgency of this law.

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