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In the content in front of you regarding the price in the room and cheap anti-theft is brief and useful information.

The issues discussed are as follows:

  • The basis for calculating the price of the anti-theft door
  • What is the meaning of cheap anti-theft door?
  • Various models of cheap anti-theft doors
  • cheap price anti-theft door
  • What does the bedroom door (in the room) have to do with home decor?

The basis for calculating the price of the anti-theft door

As you know security doors are a combination of wood and metal, so the price of the door in each of the different companies can be determined by these two factors.

For example, if an Iranian company anti-theft door with 1 to 1 sheet frame structure and mill putty, produces its product, then the price of this door will definitely be different compared to the 2mm frame sheet. For this reason, it can be said that the basis for calculating all prices in the door market will depend on the type and quality of the material in the internal structure and, to a lesser extent, on the external material and the final facade.

Among the things that can be important in an anti-theft door are issues such as the frame, baseplate, materials used in the door base body, type of lock, materials used in the door’s nose, and things Deciding on the price of cheap anti-theft doors and other various models will have a huge impact.

For example, the Dornab group, which uses the information of this well-known company in this text content, is a frame, a base plate with a thickness of 2 mm, full polyurethane foam is injected into the substructure of the door, and all Kaleh Turkey brand locks are the lock that It is chosen by the respected customer, and put into an iron box with a thickness of 2mm.

But in the continuation of the price content in the Iranian Chamber and Anti-Theft of 1401, and after a brief introduction to this collection in the next section, we have addressed one of the most common and important questions of buyers when buying, and it is worth reading.

What is the meaning of cheap anti-theft door?

As mentioned in the previous section, the meaning of cheap derby in different companies has different meanings, but the criteria and amount of all brands are the same in terms of nomenclature.

In general, in the Iranian market, doors with a simple structure and without a special design and model are marketed under this name, and the price of cheap anti-theft doors is much lower than other names in the market. But in addition to the simple infrastructure and ordinary cladding, the infrastructure and materials used in the structure of these doors are also of the cheap type and the usual bearish level of the market.

In order to get acquainted more with this material, we will compare one of the market products presented with this name:

Cheap X series door, 0.9mm frame plate thickness, ionolite door base, 1mm thick middle plate and Y brand Iranian lock.

But in the following headline, we have reviewed various models of this issue so that our esteemed buyers can complete their purchase without any intellectual confusion or worry.

Various models of cheap anti-theft doors

The different models of this door can be classified into two different categories in terms of appearance and interior:

1- Poor infrastructure and paint

2. Strong core structure and weak coating

In the previous section, we explained about the first category, but in this section we will study the second case.

This case can be fully reviewed by citing an example of the products of the Dornab group:

Frame thickness 2mm, lock place guard with 2mm iron sheet, turkey lock, polyurethane foam universal injection, aluminum nose, cans in door frame and hinge 2mm thick, full sheet in one thickness and glued to inner shell, PVC veneer as cheap but durable veneer , on the outside of the door.

These items are presented security door The economic or economic series of this group is that the price of the cheap anti-theft door in relation to the first and second cases is examined in the next section.

cheap price anti-theft door

Cheap anti-theft door price based on the above two items which we have reviewed separately is one of the items questioned and discussed by all different customers and buyers.

One thing that is quite clear is that all the doors of the first type, i.e. the internal structure and bad paint, fall into the price category of the regular cheap anti-theft doors.

We apologize for the price as this textual content may have reached you in the future, but with an example, we express the price range of a first-class cheap anti-theft door.

Currently, the price of each gram of 18 karat gold is 1,440,000 tomans, and the price of a cheap anti-theft door of the first digital series is about 1.5 per gram of gold.

But with regard to the second series, which is a very important and sensitive issue, no ratio can be determined, and the reason for this is that the strong infrastructure is completely different for each company in the market, but cheap price anti-theft door It is about two times more than the first sample.

But the next issue we reviewed in the price content of cheap Iranian anti-theft door and bedroom 1401, is the different dimensions of the bedroom door.

What does the bedroom door have to do with home decor?

The answer to this question is very clear and obvious that the bedroom door is directly related to the home decor. But in addition to the special and unique effect that it brings to your home, this connection will also create harmony that fits the front door of your home and apartment. But the bedroom door, contrary to the perception of most customers who think that these doors have a limited diversity in terms of design and style, interior doors and room doors can be designed and produced based on the design and model selected by the customer. .

Including veneer that can be placed bedroom door Plastic, polyurethane, beech, oak and walnut coatings can be used, each of which can be applied to interior doors.

But in terms of design and model, this issue is different for different companies and manufacturers. For example, Dornab Group, as a manufacturer of bedroom doors, has the ability to produce and implement a variety of designs and models seen by our valued customers on the Internet and cyberspace. For this purpose, interior designers and respected clients can design their bedroom door in a completely customized way. At the end of the content of the Iranian cheap price for anti-theft for the door and the bedroom in 1401, we thank you, dear readers, for being with us until the end of this content.

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