Hussain Ali and his associates assumed the presidency of Assadabad

Informants / Hamadan In a ceremony held today in the office of the governor of Asadabad, Hussain Ali Churakai was presented as the acting governor of Asadabad, and Saeed Kutabi was presented in the presence of the Wali of Hamedan and members of the city’s board of directors. ,” he praised the former governor of the city.

The representative of the Assad people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly said at a ceremony honoring and introducing the ruler al-Assad: “Today the Islamic Republic’s regime has a lot of power and supremacy in the world, and this is the principle of this power.” It should not be forgotten.
“We need different tools for dialogue, communication and knowledge in the field of international communication, which are in the hidden layers of our field and our military power and in the bright layers of the negotiating table. Scientific, cultural and capabilities,” said Kiomars Sarmadi. Social Vale.” It shall be our policy.

He said: “If our military and field operations weaken, we will not talk about rhetoric and diplomacy, and we will not earn points in the world.” East and West are attracted to these two wings: Martyr Tehrani Moghaddam, the father of the country’s missile, and Martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani, a man of resistance and protection of the oppressed from the world, the two martyrs who had a role in creating greatness. from this country.

Not realizing that we entered the province on Friday

“We have endured life and economic problems until we got here,” Sarmady Valley said, noting that the right choice of our people had brought us to where we had arrived in the province on Friday without our knowledge.
They point out that the people’s government, the revolutionary parliament, and the people’s resistance are the product of the people’s right choice: stealing the people’s faith in the revolution.

The government and parliament have worked to solve the problems in recent years

“We are going through difficult days, today our government and parliament are clearing the rubble of issues and problems in macro, local and urban dimensions,” Sarmady Valley said.

He added: The Wali of Hamadanah, from the point of view and focus on the local forces, set the policy of Asadabad with the same opinion, and the local governor of this city was elected by the people.
Sarmady Faleh explained that people are the guardians of our blessings, and pointed out that Asadabad has been facing problems in the field of employment since 1985, and this created a big problem for the city and increased the unemployment rate.

Among the existing problems in the city, he mentioned dealing with poor infrastructure, employment, livelihood, problems of farmers and road between farms, and said: There are almost completed projects in Ahmedabad.
Hussain Ali Charakai, representative of the people of Asadabad, stressed that the elections were a wave of hope in the hearts of the people of the city because of its original homeland: facilitating practical work, meeting requirements, serving people and attracting investors. . Calculating the strengths and weaknesses of the city is one of the requests we received from the new governor of the city.
The city’s new governor emphasized the jihadist work and serving the people without being bound by deadlines.

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