382 people monitor the fields of Lorestan

According to Lorestan informants, Kamran Pirzadi pointed out the importance of wheat, barley and rapeseed and the need to monitor these products and said: Harmful factors, pests and plant diseases were monitored in agricultural and horticultural crops in the province.

And he continued: 69 monitoring networks in the governorate with 382 people monitor the fields, and experts and managers of the factory production complex located in headquarters and cities are on standby to monitor factors causing damage, pests and plant diseases.
And the director of plant protection in the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Lorestan said, in another part of his speech, pointing out that the harmful factors are weeds, diseases and pests: Given the appropriate temperature and rainfall, one of the most important diseases in wheat and barley fields is grain rust, which experts send for the necessary notifications. Once you see the symptoms.
He added: But it is expected that farmers, as soon as they learn of this problem and that the farm is infected with the disease, will start spraying because this disease spreads very quickly and takes the recommendations of the Agricultural and Plant Jihad Organization. protection seriously.

Pirzadi said: Weeds can cause a crop loss of about 40% each year because they are the table and the main host of the crop, and by controlling weeds, we can reduce the amount of damage.
The director of plant protection in the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Lorestan said: The most important pest of wheat is the era of grain, which was monitored in the province of San Gault, and if the quantity reaches the limit of control, experts inform us so that we do not do so. See damage with timely control.
Birzadi said: According to the forecasts of the Meteorological Authority, the cold mass will enter the province on April 11 and 12, and there is a possibility that temperatures will be below zero, and there is a possibility of damage to gardens and farms.
And he continued: God willing, gardeners, greenhouse owners and farmers should try to prevent damage by applying the necessary recommendations.

Bezadi stated: Proper knowledge of plant and weed pests and diseases, proper poison selection and correct advice to operators along with the use of proper tools will increase product quality and productivity. One of these recommendations comes in time to fight the factors.


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