Implementation of the electronic product plan for the first three families, starting from tomorrow

The Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare announced in an announcement: Implementation of the National Plan for Electronic Goods (20% increase in support loans) for all families in the first, second and third clans, as of Monday, June 29.

According to the report of the Economics Department of the Ana Agency for Science and Technology, this announcement states: In order to fully cover the first three deciles of income and achieve government support for providing food baskets for families, credit increases will be applied to all three deciles from Monday 29 June.

According to this announcement, the condition for benefiting from the additional loan is to purchase more than 80% of the subsidy amounting to 400,000 tomans, which is equivalent to 320,000 tomans per person.

This announcement adds: Families can use their credit a month before the support is deposited, and this plan is optional for all recipients.

Packaged low-fat milk, cheese, chicken meat, eggs, liquid oil, pasta, Iranian rice, dairy products, sugar, legumes, and frozen beef are the 11 essential items in the e-Products plan.

8 large stores are participating in this project, and in small towns and villages, barcode readers will be installed for sellers to provide access and benefit from the electronic catalog to the general public.

All families covered by the plan can check their credit balance by installing the national credit network program “Shama” or by calling *500*1463.

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