Presentation of the latest achievements of Azad University in the field of family and society at the Mashhad International Fair

According to the district group affiliated with the Anna news agency, Hojjatul Islam Abbaspour considered the family an important pillar of influencing society, and added: The smallness of the family institution does not indicate its low efficiency in shaping the future of the child. ; On the contrary, we should look for more influence in this institution in establishing post-individual culture, customs, beliefs, values, norms and anomalies.

He referred to the university’s activities in the field of family and the establishment of a dialogue council between the family and the university and added: Azad Razavi Khorasan Islamic University has been developing its activities in the field of families of employees, professors and students for several years. . . This council is formed under the title of the Family and University Liaison Council, and the decisions of the council are implemented by the vice president, especially the cultural vice president.

The Vice President of Islamic Azad University of Mashhad Cultural and Student announced: From July 30 to 24, the exhibition of the university’s achievements in the field of family and society will be held at the Mashhad International Fair, and for this purpose the cultural exhibition will be held. And the Vice President of the student university will launch an exhibition to deepen and strengthen the family with an area of ​​400 square meters, cultural centers and Islamic publications, and the university decides to organize an exhibition in the presence of active students in institutions. With the efforts of the international exhibition staff.

Referring to the booths in this fair, Abbaspour said: In this fair, there are various booths as described below, which are served by the efforts and management of students, professors and staff, and Azad University families can display their works. ..

A consulting booth that provides services with the help of experienced consultants in the areas of family, marriage, law, education, etc.

The children’s rights booth deals with the type of relationship between the family and the child.

Booth for private sessions held by students and experts on different topics.

A scientific and research booth to display business and research activities in the field of family and society.

An artist-run art gallery booth.

The Art Designs Pavilion displays the works of students and professors of the College of Architecture and Arts.

The Sports and Family Health wing deals with family and health activities as well as sports services and competitions.

He announced the implementation of various competitions and cultural programs for the children of employees and teachers, especially the performance of the Dalpati Vandana Gita by the children in the exhibition, and it is hoped that this exhibition will take a step towards excellence. family and its values

This exhibition will be held from July 21-24 for 4 days at Mashhad International Fair.

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