The project “Planting Seedlings, Perpetual Legacy” was implemented in Amol

Informants / Mazandaran The grassroots campaign of the project “Planting Seedlings, A Lasting Legacy” was carried out in line with the development of urban green spaces at the initiative of the Sima Organization and the landscaping and urban green spaces of the Municipality of Amol with enthusiastic attendance and welcome by public groups in this city.

During this project, which will be implemented on the 17th of every month, as a first step, people’s groups have planted more than 50 different forest trees and fruits in the Golden Village Garden.

Participants in this public survey planted seedlings with trees donated by the Seema and Munzar Organization and the Urban Green Space of Amol Municipality in memory of the deceased, after which a commemorative plaque will be attached to the seedlings by the organization.

The President of the CIMA Organization, Manzar and Green Urban Space of Amol Municipality, said about this: After the call published by the organization for this public plan, fortunately, the citizens received a good response in the first step, and with the help of the citizens, we plan to develop this plan in the urban space of Amol.

Hasan Mahdavar added: As part of this plan and public campaign, on the seventeenth day of every month, citizens will be notified to plant seedlings in a garden in Amul city with prior announcement of the exact time and place.

Plan "Planting seedlings is a lasting legacy" done

He added that the seedlings will be planted in the city of Amal under the pretext of “memorizing a birthday, commemorating the deceased, keeping the promise of life, and preserving the memory of the curators.”

Saying that planting seedlings is of great value in the development of urban green spaces and restoring nature, the head of the Sema Organization, Landscape and Urban Green Spaces in Amol Municipality, stated: By implementing this plan, each of us will take care of: the tree we have planted and let no one destroy the trees This will lead to more attention and interest in the green spaces of the urban environment.

In the city of more than 300,000 residents, there are more than 50 public parks and gardens.

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