Empowering faculty members in jihadi courses – Explanation and production of content

Mohsen Moradi stated at the meeting of heads of admission boards and higher education institutions in Khorasan Razavi Province, hosted by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences: In 2006, in 2015, in 2006, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mashhad held. University of Medical Sciences. The regional portion of this document has been prepared in 31 provinces and two specialized university units. (read more)

He said, “This document has been prepared based on the central needs, comfort and insight of Khorasan Razavi province and according to the needs of the province and the region and to help the university solve social problems, the Islamic Azad Board of Directors..” The university has taken good steps.

president Mashhad Azad University Referring to the leadership’s emphasis on the necessity of jihad in defining and producing content, he stressed that the Supreme Council for Absorption should focus on jihad in defining and producing content. Given the teachers’ need to empower and enhance knowledge, we must hold jihadi courses.

Moradi reminded: “In recent years, global pride, led by the United States and the leaders of the region, has tried to create despair among young people and raise the issue of immigration from the country.” Therefore, the field of interpretation of jihad should not be neglected. Because if our college is ignorant of the enemy’s plots and the achievements and progress of the country in the life of the Islamic revolution and the media is not a better channel of communication with the youth, then we cannot expect results from jihad.

He pointed out that holding special courses to empower teachers and increase their knowledge to serve the Supreme Leader’s lists, especially in the field of jihad, must be taken into account in the production of images and content and in confronting war and hostile media.

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