115 km of rural roads cleared in Rumiskan

Informants / Lorestan The head of the Roads and Transport Department of Rumiskan said: This year, 115 km of main and secondary roads of this city will be covered.

“From the beginning of this year until the end of February, important measures have been taken in Rumiskan city based on the agency’s communication programs and the identification of the objectives of the county, namely, 115 kilometers of the main side roads and their clearing,” said Sadiq Adinhwand.

He added: Re-opening 35 bridges in main and secondary axes, constructing two bridges at Tang Bareh Interchange and Bajpand two-phase station in Babajid-Samra axis, a 2-km access road, a 170-km main road, and 62 km long herbicides. the main road. Formation and removal of axial surfaces, main and secondary roads, and excavations with a weight of 156 tons. during this period.

In reference to the performance of this department in the field of highways and privacy, the head of the Promishkan Roads and Highways Department said: Organizing warning and safety signs with a length of 73 km, washing banners with a length of 170 km, installing 2 flashing lights, 85 warnings for intruders, new types with a length of 950 meters with Repair and safety of Tang Barh Junction, installation of two light towers at this junction, removal and repair of seven dangerous turns of Ramavanda axis, identification and repair of 11 accident hotspots, installation speed. Hidd is one of the main and secondary hubs in this field of security and privacy.

He pointed out that in the rural road area, 1,300 meters of dirt road has been completed from Azizabad village to Shiravandeh.

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