In order to control social damage, we must get people to work

Informants / Kermanshah The vice president of Social Damage Prevention of the country’s welfare organization said: In the field of controlling social unrest, efforts must be made for the sake of the people, because social programs cannot be implemented without the cooperation of the people.

At the specialist meeting for suicide prevention held today (December 6) in Kermanshah, the doctor was mentioned everywhere, but this issue is less in society.

Zakifar stressed the need to implement preventive programs from a young age, and said: Prevention must start from childhood, especially at an age of less than eight years, and if we know emotional and emotional development, and so on from this age, much can be avoided. . Prevent future social problems and harm.

He stressed: We hope that more attention will be given to prevention in the Seventh Development Plan and that better laws will be issued in this field.

The official explained that another important condition in the field of social harm is “monitoring”, and said: Without accurate information and monitoring of the existing situation, there can be no appropriate program in the field of prevention and treatment of harm, therefore, in 2019, monitoring of damage social issues was put on Agenda The first damage survey was conducted in 2014.

He pointed out that this observation was also made in the field of suicide, and said: The last study conducted in this field was conducted last year at the level of 470 cities, and it continues this year, and its results are published to the governorates. .

He added: Based on these statistics, two types of intervention were put on the agenda, one related to high-risk governorates and the other related to intervention in governorates where the number of suicides is likely to increase soon.

He said: The basic solution to reduce and control this harm is to identify and correct the factors involved in suicide, which differ in different governorates, and to remove suicidal devices, including rice tablets, from people’s reach.

Zakifar said: The media should also come to work and ask clerics to appear as correspondents in the field of this harm and inform them properly.

This official said: In the field of social harm reduction, people must be made to work more than anything else, because social programs cannot be implemented without people’s cooperation.

He announced the establishment of a comprehensive program to control and reduce suicide at the state level, and said: This program has several important parts, among which is the analysis of the situation in the regions and areas of suicide in the country, and the support of people who help. In our current situation, we use people’s capacity to play the role of local facilitators.

He added, “Each governorate will be able to provide control and damage reduction programs in this area, which is shaped according to its environmental system.”

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