The Noor Rahyan convoy of the Tehran municipality was chased from Behesht-e-Zahra (south).

The third Rahyan Nur caravan procession was held in conjunction with the Shabaniyah holiday, in the presence of a member of the Islamic Council of Tehran, the deputy for social and cultural affairs in the municipality of Tehran, the head of the Basij Organization in Mazloum from the municipality of Tehran, and the directors and deputies of the Tehran municipality.

According to the informants, Mohammad Amin Tawakolzadeh – Deputy Head of Social and Cultural Affairs in the Municipality of Tehran – said at the farewell ceremony for the convoy of Rehian Noor of the Tehran Municipality from Behesht Zahra (peace be upon him): Martyrdom is not the end, it is the beginning, it is another birth, in A world beyond the earthly mind.. to enter its sacred place.
And he added: With the approach of the last days of the year, the pilgrims of the martyrs set off under the convoy of Rahyan Nour from the municipality of Tehran to the lands full of light and blessings and on their way to this red soil, in the land of moments of battle and martyrdom, of prayers of sincerity, of farewell moments on the night of the operation, and of youth Bloodstained and from the youths who are not yet back, they must be present.

The deputy head of social and cultural affairs in the municipality of Tehran also referred to the movement of the Rahyan Nur caravans and the upcoming Shabani holidays, and said: Shaban, the month of martyrdom and clarification, is the most appropriate time to perform the jihad of interpretation, and the journey of Rahyan Nur and the visit of young people from the areas of operations and scenes of courage and martyrdom, it is the best time to introduce The waiting generation for the Islamic Revolution with the practical manifestations of self-sacrifice and sacrifice, an opportunity for jihad, and we hope that we will all benefit from the light of these divine journeys.

Reviving the culture of the front and martyrdom in the paths of light

According to the report of the Tehran Municipality, Mr. Ahmad Alavi – a member of the Islamic Council of Tehran – also attended this program and said: The arena of the eight years of sacred defense and the epic of sacrifice and sacrifice of the sons of these borders was not just an opportunity for the emergence of legends that depend on the culture of the Shiite hero, it was formed along the lines of an event Great Karbala and because their teacher and leader, Hazrat Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein (pbuh) became immortal, he was unique in his kind. A chapter in the history of a resistance nation that honored the history of mankind with its stability, resistance, and honor. At no time in this proud history has so much courage, courage and epic been created in a short period of time, so presenting the enthusiastic youth of our Islamic country and depicting parts of the greatest epic in the history of Islamic Iran is one of the most important tasks, because getting to know the future makers of the country with these Al-Malahem guarantees the preservation of the independence and growth of our beloved country, especially in these days and the very difficult conditions prevailing in the country.

In the end, he said: In the same direction, the municipality of Tehran, in order to fulfill the will of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him) and the orders of the supreme commander of the armed forces, in order to preserve the Assyrian culture of front and martyrdom and the memories of the eight years of sacred defense, will be again With paths of light. The days of 1401 have been organized with plans to visit the bloody land of Alice, and we hope that we will all benefit from the blessed table for this trip.

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