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Activity in the internet space has proven to us that we always face many limitations. You have certainly encountered such limitations and problems. One such limitation concerns the creation and creation of user accounts on sites, applications, social networks and messengers. In general and in short, it can be said that the only way to avoid and solve these virtual world and Internet problems is to buy a virtual number. In the rest of this article we will try to talk more fully about these problems and how to solve them.

What is the default number?

Before any explanation, we need to understand what a channel number is and how it works. In general, it can be said that the default number is a number that provides all the facilities and features of a SIM card on the Internet, including receiving SMS. As is known, these numbers are not dependent on the GSM system and all transmissions of their information are carried out on the Internet. Also, as the name suggests, these numbers do not require a physical SIM card. The type of services provided to these numbers (receiving and sending calls, sending and receiving SMS, etc.) varies depending on the type of operator. These days the use of virtual numbers has gained a lot of fans and below you will learn about some of the features of these numbers.

Buy a virtual number for authentication

The first thing you will come across after registering on any site is the process of completing the registration process and validating your account. Many sites only send an email to do this. But when it comes to accurate authentication and increased user account security, sending email alone is not enough! All these services, such as creating an Apple ID, creating a PayPal account, creating a Gmail account, creating an account on social networks such as Instagram, creating a Telegram and WhatsApp account, and the like, without the need for a mobile phone number to send a one-time use code and thus authenticate the account owner impossible.

Another aspect of using a mobile phone number is knowing your country of residence. In fact, the prefix placed before the main number indicates the country. For example, the country code for Iran is +98. Several service providers, such as Apple and PayPal, block sending SMS to Iranian country codes due to US sanctions. For this reason, by purchasing a virtual number with the desired country prefix, such as America, Germany, Canada, etc., along with the use of fake identity information (you can easily find fake identity creation sites by searching on Google). You can easily bypass the penalties and create your own account.

Virtual number and social networks

Another use of the virtual number is to create unlimited numbers and thus create an unlimited number of user accounts in social networks and messengers. It can be difficult to have multiple user accounts for various reasons, including the maximum number of personal SIM cards. For example, you need a WhatsApp account to support your website and your business.

Also, for better privacy and message management, you don’t want to use your personal number for this. Also, buying a new SIM is not economical or feasible for you. As a result, buying a virtual number on the cheap can help you. This also applies to other social networks. Imagine that you need many Instagram pages for yourself, or that you need several Telegram accounts to run your business. All these problems can be solved by purchasing a virtual number.

Virtual number, unlimited

One of the most important features of the virtual number that made it popular these days is that you can buy unlimited numbers due to its cheap price. The virtual number also allows you to exceed the physical limit. For example, since WhatsApp does not respect your privacy and if you send a message to an unknown person, it will reveal your number. Using a virtual number, you can create an account with a prefix of any country you want, for example, America or Germany. As a result, the recipient of the message will not know your country of residence.

Features of buying a virtual number from Easy Number

In general, three features of the Easy Number virtual number can be considered:

  • cheap numbers. As already mentioned, the presented numbers have a very low price, so you can buy in large numbers.
  • country diversity. Another advantage of Easy Number is the number of prefixes, so you can almost say that you can buy a virtual number with prefixes of at least a hundred countries, the most famous of which is the American default number, and the default British number. The number, the Russian default number, the default Germany and China.
  • Variety of services. When shopping, you can choose the number according to the location and service you want. The most popular are Telegram Virtual Number, WhatsApp Virtual Number, Google and Apple ID.
  • Variety of operators. For every country there are at least two operators to choose from.
  • Although the numbers are one-time use, they will not be given to someone else after they have been used. Don’t worry, you will never get a message on Telegram that someone else is logged in. However, always enable the two-step login.

Learn how to buy a virtual number from Nambarizi

Buying a virtual number from Easy Number is very simple and easy. Thus, after registering and creating a user account, you must first select the service you want (such as Telegram or WhatsApp). Next, you will come across the list of countries, their prices, and the number of their numbers. After selecting the country, you must also select an operator. Note that you must increase your account balance to the amount you need to make a purchase. After paying and receiving the virtual number, enter it into the desired application (eg Telegram) and wait for the code to be received. The good feature is that if the received number is blocked in the target service, you can declare the number as blocked and return the paid amount to your account.

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