About a thousand people died in road accidents during Nowruz / The quality and safety of cars is one of the effective factors

The head of the Civil Committee in the Islamic Parliament announced the review of the performance of relief and service providers during the days of Nowruz at today’s meeting (Sunday, April 20) and confirmed that we undoubtedly face legal loopholes in the issue of road accidents. And a working group centered on the think tank in the House of Representatives, and a law will be formed to fill this gap.

According to the informants, Mohammad Reza Rezaei Kochi, after today’s meeting of the civil office with service agencies in the days of Nowruz 1402, told reporters: Today we hosted officials of relief and service agencies, including the Red Crescent and the traffic police. And the Roads Authority of the Civil Diwan who were in the days of Nowruz providing services to make people travel in peace. During the honoring of their efforts around the clock, the performance of the aforementioned devices was checked.

He said, “Despite all the efforts that have been made, we have witnessed the death of at least a thousand of our compatriots during the Nowruz holidays.” For several years I have been trying to reduce the number of road deaths in Parliament and especially in the Civil Engineering Corps. In this regard, several factors such as the quality and safety of cars, roads and driving errors are effective. Therefore, we are trying to improve the condition of state roads and we have orders to repair accident-prone points and increase the width of state roads in the Seventh Development Plan, which we are about to compile.

And the representative of the people of Jahram in the Islamic Council said: We have confirmed this issue in the 1402 budget as well, and of course good resources have been provided. According to reports, Saipa and then Iran Khodro had the highest number of road accidents because the quality of these cars is not suitable. The quality and safety of the cars should be in such a way as to save the lives of the passengers in case of offense and the cars drifting off the roads, but unfortunately that is not the case.

He affirmed that the Civil Engineering Committee will prepare a report in which each of the hard-working machines, faults and defects will be honored, including the quality of cars, roads and negligence of drivers, which are the most important causes of accidents. are taken up. We hope to see a decrease in road accidents and road fatalities in the coming years.

He added: Although we witnessed a 20% decrease in deaths compared to last year, this number is still high, and about 1,000 of our compatriots lost their lives. We ask all sponsoring organizations to try to minimize these statistics. Also, on the eve of the formulation of the Seventh Development Plan, we entrusted a task to the Majlis Research Center to form a committee with the assistance of the authorities concerned with road accidents during Nowruz trips and during the days of the year and it is responsible. In this area, and make suggestions and orders in the seventh development plan. , so that the devices, during the coming years, know their duties and the division of labor, and we are working to enable the devices to work wherever the need arises.

In conclusion, the Chairman of the Parliament’s Construction Committee said: We are undoubtedly facing legal gaps in the issue of road accidents, and we hope that this working group, which was formed with the Center for Parliament Research Center, will be. , these problems will be resolved and we will see a significant decrease in road accidents.

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