Increased border controls to detect monkeypox

“Monkeypox is not a new disease and most of its complications are skin diseases. Its deaths are not comparable to the deaths of corona,” he said. So people should not worry about this disease. In Iran, a number of suspicious cases were sent to the Pasteur Institute for examination and no case of this disease has been reported in the country so far.

According to sources, Dr. Kapoor was present on the sidelines of the meeting of the joint committee to monitor the market in Ardabil Governorate. “The border care for malaria diagnosis by health experts has increased,” Bahram Aynullah told reporters. Fortunately, Corona has strengthened the country’s infrastructure. So we now have six groups of vaccines that can be used to prevent and control any virus, not just the coronavirus.

“Fortunately, today, with the efforts of the country’s scientists, we are able to produce a vaccine to combat viral threats in the world,” he said. You emphasized the technical knowledge and tools needed to make a corona vaccine in Iran.

The Minister of Health continued by saying that Iran was one of the most successful countries in controlling Corona: one of the reasons for our success is the personal participation of the Supreme Leader and the President in the fight against the Corona epidemic, officials and institutions. He feels closeness and responsibility.

Webda website quoted Ain Allah as saying, “At the moment, we do not see any indication of a new wave of Corona in the country and in many countries, but we continue to encourage people to fully vaccinate.” We do this against corona because it strengthens the body’s immunity and increases its resistance to the virus.

He said, “At the World Health Assembly in Geneva, I met with nine health ministers from different countries and announced Iran’s readiness to export vaccines.” Currently, 4 million doses of Iranian vaccine are ready for export, and the first shipment will be sent to Venezuela. This is an appreciation for our country, and unlike the past few months, there was no need for a foreign vaccine alone. It became an exporting country for the vaccine.

The Minister of Health said: The implementation of the national plan to democratize support is necessary for the economic development that the government decided to implement, and Ardabil is one of the provinces that is successful in regulating the market.

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