Are oil sales forecasts met in the budget?

The sale of oil and condensate is estimated in the 1402 budget, equivalent to one million and 400 thousand barrels per day, according to the words of the Minister of Petroleum, Jawad Oji, that the Ministry of Petroleum is making every effort to achieve this in the budget. A topic that has received many reactions during this time.

According to the informants, the expected income from oil was one of the most important parts of the budget budget in all the past years, and for the next year, the income of this part increased, while the income from oil and its products increased. 603 thousand billion tomans, and in the expected budget bill it was closed on the basis of an average sale of 1.4 million barrels per day, at an average price of $85 per barrel and an exchange rate of 23 thousand tomans.

As the Minister of Oil, Javad Oji, recently announced, the preparation of the annual budget has a process in which various meetings are held in the specialized government committees with the institutions that supply these resources, and experts give their opinions on this matter, and finally, it is the budget body that proposes increases in the floor, and will be made The Ministry of Oil will do its best to achieve this.

According to him, in discussing the 1400 budget, when the 13th government began working until the beginning of September, our total oil revenues were five billion dollars, and many expected that it would be impossible to achieve the 1400 budget from the sale. Of oil and condensate, but thanks to God and the efforts of the jihadists in the Ministry of Oil, we have achieved 100% of the 1400 budget.

And the Minister of Oil explained that we identified different markets, used all capabilities, and reached numbers and numbers that were taken into account in selling oil, and said: In this way, since 2017, when Trump cursed the harsh sanctions on the Islamic Republic in the field of selling oil and condensate. Ghazi set new numbers and records, and a lot of discussions and discussions took place in the discussion of the 1402 budget, and in any way, the Ministry of Oil will do its best so that, God willing, the expectation regarding the sale of oil will be fulfilled.

Mohsen Khajasti, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil, recently said regarding the price of oil and the amount of exports in the budget for next year: These amounts will be studied by the government and we will follow what is stated in Law 1402.

On the other hand, as announced by the Ministry of Oil, the performance of oil revenue collection in the past 10 months related to the sale of oil, gas, oil products and gas condensate was almost 40% higher than the same period last year, and the oil and gas condensate collection revenue reached 10 million. Barrels, more than 10 months record of 1400 barrels.

In the past 10 months, 133% of domestic sales were made of petroleum products, but in the discussion of exporting petroleum products, due to the increase in the consumption of gasoline and diesel in the country, up to 130 million liters at times nearly 70% of gasoline consumption has been recorded to this day , and found that in total, on Note 14, almost 78% has been collected to date.

In the field of gas export, we have collected 15% more than in 1400, which was fully achieved during these 10 months. In the field of selling bonds in 2019, 23.5 thousand billion tomans were fully completed, and in 1400 it was 2000 billion tomans, which was also done and spent on expenses.

It seems that the government hopes to achieve a budget figure in the field of oil and has taken measures for this issue, but it should be noted that the existence of sanctions and the performance of previous years require an expert and caution in this matter. to avoid further inflation. Don’t get caught up in the country.

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