Iran’s daily production of rich gas has reached 1040 million cubic meters

Hormuz Qafland said, according to a transparent report, that the National Iranian Oil Company, in addition to producing oil in the country, is responsible for producing gas in the country to feed oil refineries and export the country.

He added: All colleagues in the National Iranian Oil Company work in the areas of operations on land, offshore platforms, repair management and technical services, as well as headquarters offices, and they carry out jihad efforts around the clock that should have this amount of ability to devote gas production and distribution cannot be achieved without its importance And, on the next front, the NGC associates are responsible for the optimal processing and distribution of the gas produced by the NIOC for use in the aforementioned circumstances.

The Director of Production Supervision at the National Iranian Oil Company said: Recently, by order of the CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company and with the round-the-clock efforts of the employees of the oil-rich Southern National Oil Company. Areas of 1,000 gas and liquefied gas plants, about 10 million cubic meters of gas have been connected to the network.

Despite the record production, there is a need to conserve gas

Qafland announced: All gas-producing companies in the National Iranian Oil Company, including Pars Oil and Gas Company, Central Regions Oil Company, and the oil-rich Southern Regions National Company, produce the maximum amount of gas for the welfare of the Iranian people. Winter and Faheem are also his countrymen. Everyone is expected to do their best to save and use electricity and gas optimally.

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