Develop a national road map for the development of artificial intelligence in the country

In view of the remarkable and growing progress of artificial intelligence in other countries and Iran, the Minister of Communications recently announced that this ministry launched a center for developing artificial intelligence in the Research Institute of Communications and Information Technology a year and a half ago, and the national roadmap It collected the development of artificial intelligence in the country and presented it to decision-making and decision-making centers the decision.

As AI increasingly integrates with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that make a significant contribution to our businesses, societies and lives, regulators are faced with the complex task of minimizing threats and maximizing benefits. The AI ​​is incredibly practical. Artificial intelligence has become an integral part everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you work in the medical profession, in manufacturing or even in agriculture, you will be dealing with applications of artificial intelligence.

Machines with artificial intelligence are able to analyze and apply massive amounts of data obtained from various sources to perform a wide variety of tasks. The evolution of artificial intelligence has created many dichotomies such as risks and opportunities, human and machine, limitations and enablers. Regulators must address these issues and uncertainties to create a safe and secure infrastructure for AI development. In one view, rather than replacing humans, AI allows us to go beyond what humans can define and see beyond what we can imagine by performing heavy, everyday tasks.

In this regard, Issa Zaribour – Minister of Communications and Information Technology – recently said about the expansion of the use of artificial intelligence: The Supreme Council for Cyberspace is developing a document for the development of artificial intelligence as a decision. – making authority in this field.

He added: We at the Ministry of Communications launched the Artificial Intelligence Development Center at the Communications and Information Technology Research Institute a year and a half ago. Its capabilities to use artificial intelligence to make services smarter.

According to experts, artificial intelligence, like any new technology, increases power and improves productivity, and from the point of view of creating power, governments must limit misuse and against the interests of human beings by considering laws and preventing their destructive effects through the establishment of international law. agreements. to take

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