Maintaining job security and providing affordable housing for workers

An expert in the field of labor stated that maintaining job security and providing workers’ housing are among the important demands and priorities of the labor community in the new year.

In an interview with journalists, Nasser Al-Shamani said about the priorities of the work sector in the new year: One of the most important issues that concern the labor community is the issue of job security, and during the work week last year and at a meeting. With the workers, he promised to follow up on this matter. Therefore, we expect that more attention will be paid this year to maintaining job security for workers.

He emphasized solving problems and following up on the demands of the labor community, and referred to the establishment of free labor organizations to follow up on workers’ affairs and their trade union demands as other priorities.

This labor expert said: Last year, in addition to discussing job security, the living security of working families was also discussed, which was affected by economic conditions, especially the fluctuation of currency markets in the second half of the year.

Shamani explained that housing costs represented the largest amount of workers’ income, and stated that providing housing for workers requires determination and serious effort and that the best way for workers to build housing is through housing cooperatives.

He said, “One of the problems in discussing housing schemes is that schemes that were already on paper were abandoned with the change of governments, and this matter is harmful.”

Follow this expert in the field of labor: If the plan that we put forward in the Supreme Council of Labor and remove the defects of Article 149 of the Labor Law and sent to the government committee, it will be implemented, it will lead to housing for workers.

According to Al-Shamani, according to this plan, lands will be provided for housing cooperatives, and with the help of employers and in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Roads and Urban Development, the construction of cheap homes for workers will be on the agenda.

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