4-fold increase in appropriations for the protection and restoration of cultural heritage in Yazd province – Electronic News Agency | Iran and world news

In an interview with an online reporter, Abdelmajid Chakri Shamsi said: “The special and multifaceted protection of historical monuments is important in terms of having wide-ranging cultural and social benefits and will increase civic pride for communities and the long-term impact of economic goals and city improvement.”

He added: Yazd, while benefiting from the important cultural heritage, is a well-known heritage and the world considers it responsible for a great responsibility in the field of cultural heritage protection and restoration. Officials in this field must be active and pioneering in this field along with other effective executive bodies and individuals.

“This number has increased from 15 to 55 billion tomans, which is almost four times the good growth,” said Chakri Shamsi, referring to the doubling of loans for the protection and revival of cultural heritage in Yazd province compared to last year. For each city, special studies were considered to prioritize the appropriate and cost-effective for this credit.

Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage in the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts in Yazd Province said: In this area, the program focuses on two principles of cultural heritage protection and recreation: an attempt to maximize and reduce the maintenance of illegal buildings. Initial restoration in historical context

Chakri Shamsi stressed: Building culture, education and media are the three main pillars and basic requirements for preserving cultural heritage, and all concerned academics, activists, the public and the media are invited to help in this regard. They are of the county’s cultural heritage and sustainable projects in this area are welcomed and supported.

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