Introducing the types of business cards that are printed in Hamchab

Examine the types of business cards and their advantages and disadvantages

Business cards are staples for many companies and businesses. These days, having a business card for any business can mean the credibility and promotion of that business. In order to be able to divide a business card into different types, several criteria must be taken into account. For example, these cards can be classified into two different classes depending on whether they are face up or not. It is also possible to offer different types of business cards depending on the type of card itself. In the following, we will examine the types of business cards and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Types of laminated business cards Types of business cards and their prices

Local business card from the bones

This type of card is very strong due to its thickness. In addition, due to the fact that its designers have designed its four corners in a circular way, they have also brought a beautiful view of it. One of the reasons for the beauty of this type of card is the high thickness. If you are looking for a card with high durability, then this type of business card could be the right choice for you. Another feature that can be considered for a local bone business card is the ability to create a local UV. So you can create this feature on both sides of the card in the required parts. Also, with the light reflectivity it has, it can appear shinier than other cards, which adds to its appeal.

Types of laminated business cards Types of business cards and their prices

Glossy and glossy laminate business card

Glossy brushed business card, as its name suggests, can give your card a special shine. In addition, due to its high thickness, it is usually difficult to bend and loses its efficiency. This type of card is also designed in a circular way like the previous example. Unlike the glossy type, there will be no news of this feature in the matte glossy business card. But due to the fact that its matte intensity is different from the usual cards, it can double the beauty of the card. Also keep in mind that both glossy and matte types have good durability and resistance.

Business card with a glossy cover UV

This UV coated glossy business card should be printed on glossy paper. In order to increase the glossiness of this card compared to other ordinary cards, a UV coating is usually used on it. Also, keep in mind that if you are looking for the cheapest and most economical option on the market, a glossy business card with UV coating is one of the best recommended options. Most service companies are looking for this type of business card; This is because they have a relatively low cost and can have the efficiency needed for these types of businesses.

Types of laminated business cards Types of business cards and their prices

One thing to remember about this type of card is that glossy UV coated business cards are less durable than other cards. For this reason, you should avoid bending these cards. If you pay attention, many of these cards lose their quality when bent and even their glossy coating peels off.

Susmari business card

The Susmari business card is one of the most unique business cards available in the market. This type of card has a special beauty because of its texture and this issue can have a huge impact on the customer. If you’ve seen linen cards up close, you must have noticed the texture on them. This type of card is designed in exactly the same way; Only on its tissue layer, a layer of cellophane has been stretched to increase the resistance of this type of card compared to the past. Also, due to the presence of this cephalon, they have better translucency than linen cards. One of the reasons why this type of card is named so is because of its grid texture. It goes without saying that to print the image on this type of business card, you should be looking for high quality images.

Linen business card

The linen business card has a lower price tag than the previous one, which is why it is more popular than the Susmari type. This type of business card can attract attention due to its elegant appearance. Unlike the previous example where a texture layer was created over the image, in this example it happens on paper. One point to look out for when choosing this type of card is that this type of card is more suitable for bright and white work. Therefore, if you use this card to print photos with a dark background, you will not achieve your desired goal.

mobile phone business card

There are very elegant cards that can save your company money due to their cheap price. Note that glossy paper is suitable for printing such cards. Depending on the type of cellophane drawn on these cards, it is divided into two types, matte and glossy. Of course, this cephalon makes this business card last longer. If you wish, you can print this card on both sides.

Cellophane local business card

Be careful that all the features of this type of card are the same as the previous ones. This means that the cellophane layer is drawn on the card itself and must be printed on glossy paper. The only difference with the previous example is the use of a local ultraviolet layer. So in certain parts, depending on the customer’s opinion, this layer can be used for more beauty.

What type of card should I choose for my business?

Be careful to choose the best type of business card according to your needs. There is an answer whether or not your company needs a business card and in this period you should definitely look for a business card for your business. But which type to choose, you need to consider different criteria. For example, if your budget is limited, you can choose cheaper models. Expensive samples can’t necessarily impress your audience. Often, these cheap samples had a much greater impact than the expensive ones. Of course, you should not forget that the elegance of a business card will have a great impact on attracting customers.

At Hamshab, we offer all services related to printing different types of business cards to our clients, using the latest technology and keeping in mind the needs of clients. Dear ones, You can print your own business card as quickly as possible and at a much cheaper price than other providers.

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