Iraqi Prime Minister: I am ready to hand over power to the elected government

According to what was reported by the International News Agency’s correspondent on the Internet, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Khazmi stressed in his speech at the cabinet meeting this afternoon, Thursday, that the country is facing a real political problem after the elections, which requires solution and cooperation. Of all the parties, this is politics.

Iraqi News Agency (Fabulous) Quoting Al-Kazemi that at this stage political leaders must sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country and nation. Because these issues affected the performance of the government and government institutions.

He said that although the government’s work is 28 months, the budget is only six months, and he continued: We are now in the eighth month of 2022, but there is no news about the budget. In this matter, the problem is not the government, but the current political situation that is the cause of this problem.

The Iraqi Prime Minister considered the lack of building schools, roads and infrastructure in Iraq as a result of the lack of political agreement on forming a government or finding a solution to the political crisis. He said: Dialogue is the only solution. The problems are our problem, but the use of media pressure, chaos or desperation will not help us create a new democratic experience for the people.

Al-Kazemi said that Iraqi citizens should know that every day the political crisis is not resolved, the government will face sanctions. So, if anyone thinks the government is trying to create tension, they are wrong.

Some Iraqi politicians believe that the Sadrist movement’s demonstration, its attack on the House of Representatives, and obstruction of parliamentary sessions to elect the President of the Republic and present the Prime Minister are in line with the continuation of Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government. .

Al-Khuzamy also responded to this claim and said that we are ready to hand over power to any elected government. If the political parties reach an agreement, we are ready at any moment. What is the ruling of the government or the prime minister, or the dissolution or closure of the government formation process? What is this? Who would want to stay in this difficult situation? “.

The Iraqi Prime Minister referred to the increase in oil sales and the increase in Iraq’s income compared to the past and said: Perhaps Iraq today is in a better situation. Utilities, wealth and economic prosperity help build our country. In the past two years, we were able to restore our relations with all countries of the world, and today Iraq is the center where we meet others and develop.

Referring to his invitation to the Iraqi political parties for dialogue, he said that his call was welcomed by the parties and they are still trying to provide a platform for dialogue between the internal Iraqi parties.

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