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The “Smart Kids” celebration was held

The cast of the animated film Bacha Zarang gathered and celebrated the completion of the production of this animation after five years.

According to the informants, quoting the public relations of the Pouya Art Group, Hamid Jafari, the producer of the animation “Bish Zaranq” in this ritual, which took place at the same time as the night of Mid Shaban, addressed the makers of this work who were present at this ceremony with their families. This program is an opportunity to thank the families of our colleagues. We had the opportunity to say goodbye to our colleagues in one way or another during the production of “Bishi Zarang”, but this gathering provided an opportunity to say goodbye to all the actors and their families.

And he continued: We are sure that it was the support of the families that created this opportunity to be able to finish this work together and in an effort around the clock after a long time and despite all the problems and obstacles that occurred.

He also referred to the final preparation of the work and said: With the build process complete and the few modifications remaining, we have begun our plans and I promise you we will gradually prepare for public release in the coming months.

As Muhammad Javad Jannati, one of the animation directors, said in his words: I hope that we will continue in this way together and this big family will remain united and work together.

He added: Animation in the whole world is a company-oriented group work, and the Hornobuya Group has worked with this approach from the beginning and considers its work the property of all its agents. Therefore, each honor is earned, and is also considered collective. At the end of this ceremony, which was associated with the celebration of the half-moon of Shaban and was accompanied by a special animation show of the families of the actors in this work, the people involved in the production of Pashazarang. They were honored. This animation has recently received its license and is in the process of being finalized for public release.

The animated film “The Smart Kid” premiered at this year’s Fajr Film Festival, and in addition to being nominated in all major sections, Crystal Simorgh also took home the award for Best Animated Film at the festival.

The animated film “Bachezarang” is a joint product of the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents and the Dynamic Art Group, produced by Hamid Jafari. The art troupe has also previously produced the cartoons Shahzaderom and Filshah, which are the most popular cartoons in Iranian cinema.

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