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“Children of Diotima” in cash bot

The review meeting of the “Children of Diotimas” (German aesthetic philosophy from Leibniz to Lessing) will be held.

According to the informants, from 15:00 on Tuesday 17 Shahrfar, the weekly meeting for the month of the book is devoted to reviewing this book, which will be held in the presence of Zia Muhammad, Seyyed Muhammad Reza Beheshti, Daoud Mirzai.

In the news of this meeting, the book “The Children of Diotima” was recently published by the efforts of Smakalina Culture. In Descendants of Diotima, Besser dramatically reassesses the tradition of aesthetic rationalism that ruled Germany in the late seventeenth century and throughout the eighteenth century. Although he continues to explore the main characters and themes of this tradition historically, he never ceases to defend the passionate philosophical defense of some of its core ideas: beauty plays an important role in life. The joy of beauty is the realization of perfection. These beauty rules are essential and valuable. Through this piece, he attempts to prove the incorrectness of Kant’s and Nietzsche’s criticisms of this tradition and urges fans of these two philosophers to defend it. Truthfully, Besser attempts to convince the twenty-first century with beauty and eloquence of the necessity and importance of a revision of the conceptual tradition and points out its historical significance for the beginning of new aesthetics, art criticism, and art history.

Those interested can follow this meeting at ketabofarhang at the ketabofarhang Instagram address of the Shahrektab Cultural Center and the center’s page on the Aparat website.

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