Reducing the five-year residence requirement for some housing applicants

According to the conditions of registration in the National Housing Movement Scheme, the residence date of urban migrants to other cities in the country will be reduced to one year. Also, records of transferred government employees (except for Tehran province) are not standard based on the diagnosis of the relevant body.

According to the informants, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development month from today National Housing Movement applicants can correct their applications if they make a mistake in choosing a city or other local information and information. Applicants should refer to To change the city, you do not have to delete your application and re-register as before, but you need to edit it. Because the deadline for registration expired on March 20 last year.

Before changing the city, the applicant should pay attention to the “Registration Notice for National Housing Movement Applicants” dated January 11, 2014 in the reference system.

The noteworthy point in the new records is that the residence history of immigrants from major cities to other cities in the country has been reduced to one year. This record is not a benchmark for transferred government employees (except for Tehran province) based on the diagnosis of the relevant device.

A minimum of five years of residency in new cities, new towns, towns or other cities is required where the project is scarce due to lack of government land, and applicants are referred to neighboring cities, including new towns. .

Regarding the ownership history, changes have been made in the new registrations. Previously, the 16-year ownership status was reduced to five years. Likewise, some NAP applicants, registered in 2009 and excluded from the project due to 16 years of ownership, may take this opportunity to combine the NAP with the national housing movement. Back to the conditional facilitation plan.

This is possible for residents of Tehran Province who made a mistake in choosing the city across the country at the same time. According to previous information, residents of Tehran, who have been living in the capital for five years, are only allowed to choose the cities of Barand, Hashtegard, Ivanki, Bakdasht and Rabat Karim, and if they choose another city, they can. correct it

National Housing Movement units in cities such as Damavand or Rodin are for residents of those cities who have lived there for five years. Therefore, the citizens of Tehran should refrain from visiting these cities.

Certificate of the applicant’s pre-university education, the applicant’s place of birth (identity card) or parents’ certificate of the applicant, the applicant’s trade license or the applicant’s parents, insurance payment record of the applicant or the applicant’s parents Proof of residence and upload of a photo must be submitted. System. The rent is not accepted as a residence permit for 5 years. At least five years of residence in a new city, town or town is required.

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