The requirement of continuous support for products for the first time by the Vice-Chancellor of Science

The Vice President of Science and Technology announced that the production of products that are produced for the first time in the country will be supported, and this support will continue until the production of that product is considered for the first time.

According to the informantsDuring the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding with Bank Sepah, Surena Satri considered supporting the construction of the first strip and the implementation of the Knowledge-Based Productivity Act as one of the main priorities for advancing the economy based on knowledge and creativity. . He added: Based on this year’s announcement and as a result of serious efforts and continuous follow-up, the Knowledge-Based Productivity Law was issued to create a new direction in the economy, business culture and new developments in the course of human society. . capital. This updated and advanced law is the result of research conducted by the Vice President of the University for Science and Technology in a period of 3 years with the dialogue and constructive efforts of the Islamic Council.

He continued: The Jump Knowledge Production Law creates many opportunities and capabilities for the prosperity and development of companies based on knowledge and creativity, and he continued: This law provides capital and financial support for companies based on knowledge and creativity. With the help of this law, companies and technology and innovation activists can benefit from the financial support of financial institutions such as banks.

Abdul Sattar described the establishment of technology and innovation towers in urban areas as the main focus of this memorandum and reminded: We support the production of products that are produced for the first time in the country and this support is dedicated to production. This product is considered a first, it continues. But developing products for the first time without the need for imports requires the support of all tools.

The Vice President of Science and Technology emphasized: The production of the knowledge-based product, which is produced for the first time in the country, has no domestic equivalent in accordance with the law and with the approval of the working group. Overseeing the Cognitive Technologies and Products Steering Board, which consists of a representative of the Scientific and Technological Vice President. The representative of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and the representative of the executive body of the applicant are not required to hold tenders, and the transactions subject to this article are institutions and companies based on knowledge, growth centers and technological units based in the sciences. Technology parks and innovation centers at Islamic Azad University. Academic and creative jihadi companies run without the formalities of bidding law.

The head of the National Elite Foundation stated that knowledge-based companies and technology teams would not have any restrictions on settling in cities with the legal declaration of a leap in knowledge-based production and the establishment of technological infrastructure, and referred to construction. Technology Tower is a step in this direction and said: The priority of the Vice-Chancellor of Science is to develop the necessary infrastructure. We try to provide services to turn ideas into products or services and to develop innovative and knowledge-based businesses. Provide the infrastructure and services needed to build Iran at a low cost and available to technology and innovation activists in the ecosystem.

At this ceremony, Sorna Satari, Vice President of Science and Technology, Ayatollah Ebrahimi, CEO of Seppi Bank, and Mohammad Reza Moamen Salehi, CEO of a private sector company, signed the plan to develop this venue. Creation of knowledge and creative companies in urban areas.

According to the Information Center of the Vice-Chancellor of Science, on the basis of this note, the Vice-Chancellor of Science and Technology of the Presidency is obliged to be recognized as the guardian of the development of the innovation and technology ecosystem in the country. And the introduction of selected technology towers and parks for the establishment of companies, the purchase of offices by companies in these buildings, and the encouragement of knowledge-based companies to provide and use banking services in areas of innovation around universities.

In this memorandum of cooperation, Bank Sepah committed to providing banking and investor services in the areas of innovation around universities to build technology parks and towers in riyals and foreign currencies.

In this note, a 48-unit technology park located in the innovation zone of Prince Kabir University of Technology is defined as the initial pilot project, and the facility applicant will be paid for the purchase of units of this technology park. Bank.

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