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According to what was reported by the electronic news agency, Ali Muhammad Qadri added at the International Conference of Elders: Old age is mentioned in our hadiths and traditions as a source of love and wisdom, and we can use these loved ones as agents. And the valuable experiences that crystallization creates.” It is based on national customs, values, and culture. The existence of society in the eyes of people.

He said: In this era, health and social care indicators are improving. Life expectancy has gone from 64 to 72 years, but problems such as late marriages, low birth rates, and our demographic window are closing. All this documents the crisis in society and presents it to the older generation in society.

Qadri added: Credit in the true sense by looking at the financial records of the elderly Measure Its indicators must be monitored, questioned and demanded by all parties Gary Available from devices that support this document.

He continued: It is our duty to announce the statistics and announce how we can serve more than 9 million elderly people. To bring Raise the weak and the loved ones. Among these issues is that in the Islamic Republic’s sacred order, family-centered discourse defines the professional roles of institutions. Respectable It is very important for the elderly that all organs know their main function, this is a serious problem, and one of the main issues in the Protection of Persons with Disabilities Act is that the adaptation must be determined specifically for the elderly.

The head of the Welfare Development Organization said: Caring for the future of the elderly is of great importance in achieving well-being. In the next 35 years, 30% or a third of our population will be elderly, so will we have the youth and the workforce to transport and transport the elderly in the next 35 years or not? This is a very important issue.

Al-Qadri added: Today we must focus on urban infrastructure and implementation of laws that are not actually addressed. Demographic variables, probability of reaching a weight of 30% and closing the demographic window are also the discussion space for partner institutions. z The feature must be completely accurate.

He continued, “We must try Gary I have started this work in my organization for a year and am proud to start this department. After a long time, the first meeting of the National Council of Sages was held in the presence of the Minister and Chairman of the National Council of Sages, which shall continue. Its provisions and approvals will be implemented. It is clear that in each semester, a practical meeting should take place between partner institutions and university boards and a physical report on progress should be submitted to the President.

The head of the Welfare Organization referred to the topic of strengthening social support and added: In the interactive system between the younger generation and the elderly, we must seriously approach the issue of improving spiritual and mental health. Empowering these groups is very important to us, especially older women.

He said: My last request is that seafarers play a very important role in this field and be able to obtain their activity license from the social welfare organisation. vulva And try to act as an intermediary campaign to communicate with the Ministry of Interior and the efforts of agencies and inter-agency affairs, and to be able to cooperate with other bodies such as municipalities, etc.

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