Why has white become the dominant color in cars?

With a quick look at the cars on the street, no matter if you live in Iran or in other countries, you can see that white is the predominant color for cars driving on city streets. Customers’ desire to buy white cars is not only among Iranian customers; Rather, based on research conducted in other countries of the world, car owners tend to buy white cars more than other colors. Why do the colors of most cars look so boring and similar nowadays?

Isnables: A look at the colors of cars in today’s world shows that some colors are the dominant colors in cars. Unlike in past years, when most cars were colorful and happy, most of the cars seen on the streets, both in Iran and in other countries, are limited to a few neutral colors such as whiteAnd black The spectrums of these two colors are similar silver And ashen And it has become.

Experts say that the car paint industry has made great progress today and the reason is that customers pay more attention to the paint white or its spectrum They are welcomed in cars due to the auto paint industry’s inability in the field of diverse colors. They also say that nowadays, with the advancement of the auto paint industry, paint makers are able to produce a wide range of white color ranges that customers may not be able to accurately distinguish from white, and such colors did not exist before.

Auto experts availabilityAnd human psychology And Technology devolpment It is considered one of the main reasons for this change in the taste of car customers from different colors to neutral colors. this

Neutral colors are among the most popular car colors both in Iran and in various countries of the world, and most buyers want to buy cars in these colors.

a company Sorry It is a German company and the largest producer of industrial chemicals including all types of paints as well as car paints in the world, and every year it conducts many researches on choosing the right color for the car.

According to one evaluation by this institute, 77% of cars in the United States and North America have one of the colors whiteAnd blackAnd silver And ashen It has been.

39% of cars in the world are white!

It is interesting to know that the popularity of neutral colors is not limited to America and now 39 percent Of all the cars in the world white Owns. in rank second This review, color black Supposed to 16 percent He appropriated all the cars in the world to himself. After black and color ashen with 13 percent Then the color silver with 10 percent They are in the next ranks in terms of the number of cars around the world.

After these colors, color blue The next most popular color in cars is blue 9 percent From the color of all the cars in the world. Blue in cars is the only color that does not consist of white and black and colors in the middle spectrum of these two colors.

In this regard, Paul Schuring, Director of the Design Department at the prestigious BASF company, says: “The results of the latest comprehensive research conducted by our institute and a survey of car customer tastes in major global markets show that color white for the car, dominant colour And The most popular color for cars He is.”

Colored cars are still found in the sports car segment and limited editions, but white, black, silver and black colors are more available in the market and for the average consumer.

Why are cars with neutral colors and no color variations so popular these days?

According to experts Wide supply The aforementioned colors are among the important factors that customers prefer if the car they buy is white, black, gray or silver. It can be said that almost all segments of the automotive market, regardless of type or size, from sedans to SUVs and pickups, can be easily found in neutral colors in the market and these colors never go out of fashion.

We live in an era when fashion trends are changing rapidly. If you follow fashion and style, you know that every season with the change of fashions and trends, the clothes you buy may lose fashion or a different color may become fashionable and you have to buy clothes in a new color. A car is a product that differs significantly from clothing due to its higher price. Customers of this product, if they see that a certain color is currently in fashion and that car companies have used this color in their cars, due to the rapidly changing nature of fashion, they refuse to buy a car with the colors that have just become fashionable and prefer their car to be colored. Please do not go out of fashion now.

Automotive experts believe that given the price of this product, which is average in the United States 35 thousand dollars Yes, a car is the most expensive item that a customer will ever spend in their life. The behavior of car customers in the US market shows that even if they want to rent a car, they will at least do it 3 years They keep the car. So Color never goes out of style Cars are an important issue for both car buyers and renters.

The nature of the automobile industry is also different from other industries. It takes longer to produce a car than other commodities, which is why a car may be left out of colors that quickly enter fashion, and car manufacturers prefer to offer cars with colors that do not depend too much on the colors of fashion and fashion .. you always have a buyer.

Regardless of today’s changing fashion and trends, auto experts know various reasons for changing people’s tastes and also changing the type of auto supply by auto companies, but a brief look at the history of the auto paint industry can help find the answer to this question.

Why did he become

History of the automotive paint industry

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the coloring of cars was strongly influenced by the colors that were used horse carriages; used. Mostly these colors base oil And their use on car bodies causes many problems. these colors beloved She was, weeks Takes a long time to dry. durability They didn’t have much and after a short time they suffered pallor And the car that was painted with oil paint, yellow He was. The color fading problem has caused car owners to spend a lot of money repaint They make their cars

The first entry of black and dark cars into the car market

At that time, Henry Ford recognized the problems with oil paints and introduced a new type of car paint that instead of being oil-based, asphalt base He was. These are the new colors of the asphalt base much faster They were dried due to the use of asphalt in its installations. black They were and do not have a variety of colors durability It was loud, and the process of painting cars that color was completely in keeping with Henry Ford’s famous serial production line method.

Why did he become

Cars painted in asphalt colors have been welcomed by many customers for their advantages.

After the 1820s, the car paint industry experienced great development. At this time, the paint company dupont Who was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of car paint using a substance called pyrosalin, began to produce a variety of colors that dried within a few minutes, did not turn yellow over time, and remained for a long time without losing quality. It was at this time that customers of the car market for the first time saw the supply of cars in four different colors. Even the cars with exotic colors at that time like orangeAnd red And blue They entered the car market for the first time.

Why did he become

Henry Ford, who spent a lot of money developing asphalt colors for his factory, was one of the first to resist introducing colored cars to the market, which were well received by customers.

At first, it is a themed logo “Each customer can get his car in any color he wants, provided that his car is black.” Ford guaranteed that if customers purchased the company’s black cars, they could return the car to the factory at any time so the company could repaint it to the customer’s taste. But this Ford logo could not prevent the influx of colored cars from entering the market.

Why did he become

Entry of metallic colors into the car paint industry

At the beginning of metallic colors entering the car paint industry, these colors were only applied to very expensive and luxury cars, and only the rich and wealthy could order metallic color cars. The reason for the very high price of metallic colors is that these colors are in addition fish scales They are made in color.

to make any one kilogram Metallic color for scales 40 thousand herring (silver herring) was required. Since it was not economical to catch this amount of herring to make just one kilogram of metallic paint, which led to severe extinction of the herring, the fish scales were subsequently subjected to Very thin sheets of aluminium have been replaced

Why did he become

The occurrence of the First and Second World Wars and their impact on the color of cars

With the outbreak of the First and Second World Wars and in the critical circumstances of the war, car factories allocated part of their production line to the production of cars that were used in the war. In this case, when the price of raw materials rose due to war conditions, most car manufacturers stopped offering color variations in their products, and cars were often sold in basic black or white.

In the early years following the end of World War II, the automobile market saw the return of colorful cars with attractive and exotic colors. At this time, like cars The famous green Chrysler carsAnd Pink Cadillac Red Corvette cars, which had not been introduced before, entered the market.

Why did he become

The trend of colored cars in the market and people’s acceptance of these cars continued until the outbreak of the Vietnam War, and at this time colored cars Beige color And brown They also became trends in the car market.

The Vietnam War, like the First and Second World Wars, affected the color of cars manufactured by auto manufacturers, and dark-colored cars are back on the streets again.

The end of the Vietnam War coincided with the arrival of famous American muscle cars with attractive and exotic colors such as the Dodge cars bananaAnd mango And Purple eggplant Until then, the car market had not seen these colors.

Why did he become

Appearance of the Apple brand and white color trend

Until the late 1980s and 1990s, people’s economic conditions were good and they could buy colored cars by spending more, and auto manufacturers offered many colored cars on the market, but the emergence of the Apple brand in the late 1990s was one of the factors that led to this. It has greatly influenced color trends in many markets, including automobiles.

Most of the products produced by Apple that surprised people were white. People saw Apple products as clean, simple and high-tech, and by using these things, Apple was able to easily position its products among people and the white color they introduced into their products, as a color associated with technology and modern technology. to present it to the people.

At this time, many auto manufacturers introduced their new cars to the market in white. Even Tesla initially offered its electric cars in white, and the white color sparked an association with modern technology in people’s minds.

Psychology also plays an instrumental role in car body color. Blue is a common color in electric cars. The popularity of blue can be due in part to the fact that when electric cars first became popular, automakers used the blue color scheme on these products, and even now, consumers can associate blue with electric vehicles.

Effective factors in accepting Iranian car customers for white cars

One of the most important reasons why car customers prefer to buy a white car is this color Most famous It is easier to sell on the flea market. The alleged white car does not remain in the hands of the seller.

Since the car in the Iranian market in addition to goodsOne capital goods It is also considered that customers prefer to buy cars that can be sold easily.

Another reason why white color car is more popular among Iranian customers is that white color is easily available for the car. If a customer visits any car paint store, they can get white paint, all the technical service providers like car polishers and car painters have different white paint codes available in their workshops, and the customer will not wait for the paint to be ready.

The white color in the car that gets dirty later on is another reason why car customers prefer buying a white car. White even shows fewer scratches than other colours. In addition, the increase in the price of the car and of course the increase in the cost of car services such as smoothing and painting are among the factors affecting the choice of the white color that shows fewer scratches. White body parts are less expensive than colored ones.

The weather is also one of the effective factors in buying a car in different markets of the world. Considering the hot climate of Iran, customers prefer to buy a car that absorbs less heat.

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