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Online reporter Shahin Shirani reported on Wednesday afternoon at the third meeting of the youth camp of the district residents at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences on education and the implementation of incentive policies. having children In keeping with the youth of the population, he declared.

He announced the establishment of level 2 infertility centers in 4 cities in the governorate, such as the northern, southern, eastern and western poles, and added: In order to provide easy access for people to second-level infertility treatment services, which include specialized services and highly specialized services, this procedure is under way and we hope that this will be provided. Kind of service with developing facilities in all cities.

And the President of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences indicated that 20% of couples suffer from infertility, and that fertility is possible for some with simple treatments and others with specialized treatments, and in the best case 35% after receiving services will result, and he continued: According to the law, all hospitals are obligated to provide medicines for patients, Since most of the clients of infertility centers are outpatients and infertility drugs are expensive and specialized, so Sajjad Pharmacy is suitable for them. in consideration There is a pharmacy in the four mentioned cities Oh .. you The provision of infertility medications will be determined.

He pointed out: In the student field, encouraging and facilitating the process of student marriage having children Create a hostel married It’s on the agenda.

Hamid Golhadari, Vice President of Health at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, also spoke about special education during marriage in this meeting. couples He pointed out: These are six-hour courses focusing on education, law, sexual health, ethics, grammar and psychology, and they will start next year. having children It will replace the complications of contraception, sexual health, life skills, morals and rights.

He continued: It is in line with the youth and increase of the population having children We have special training courses for high school students, and an educational content entitled “Easy Marriage and Islamic Lifestyle” has been prepared for students, which was decided to be implemented in 5 schools after approval.

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