Showing the achievements of rural entrepreneurs in Babylon

Informants / Mazandaran The Secretary of the Rural Capabilities Exhibition of Babol City said: On the occasion of the government week and in line with the support of entrepreneurs in the villages of this city, a plan was implemented to give free exhibition booths to applicants.

Curator of Rural Ability Exhibition said: This exhibition is held with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs, and one of the main objectives of this exhibition is to motivate small entrepreneurs and introduce them to drivers to sell products.

Faza Qolipur said: The first show of rural empowerment of the city of Babylon will be held for two days on the third and fourth day of Shahrfar in the Friday prayer mosque in the presence of 64 broadcasters.

“Unfortunately, due to our limited time, we were unable to provide the necessary booths for all applicants in this field and businessmen who were presented to us by various organizations, including the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee,” he said. But hopefully. Do this on the next presentation and pave the way for more bidders.

The head of the Agricultural Jihad Service Center in the Bishop of Southern Babylon said that the kiosks were provided to applicants free of charge during the government week: Payment facilities for entrepreneurs is one of the procedures for agricultural jihad. Employment Department.

This official pointed out: To help the sales and marketing unit of the achievements of entrepreneurs, we have provided a platform in the virtual space for the presence and introduction of the products of rural entrepreneurs in 6 regions of the city of Babylon. Relative satisfaction of entrepreneurs.

He said: In 9 Jehad Krishi Babol service centers, efforts have been made to create a suitable environment for businessmen by holding continuous exhibitions for display, sales and marketing.

The curator of Grameen Sumatra fair said: This is the second festival held for entrepreneurs, last year there were 42 voting booths, and this time it increased to 64 booths, and we are sure that this number will rise in the next festival.

Calibur stated that in order to support rural entrepreneurs, we have implemented a scheme to provide free booths to applicants, and noted: Our other support measure is to connect entrepreneurs with promoters to provide them with the opportunity to sell as many products as possible. .

Pointing out that these festivals are actually a form of marketing, pointing out: In the previous festival there were people who attended the festival for the first time, but after the festival their business flourished and this became an incentive to participate. Others festival to share.

In conclusion, the secretary of the Rural Skills Exhibition said: All our exhibitors are from the villages of 6 districts in the city of Babol, and they have production workshops in their villages, hence the name of this festival is the field of activity of everyone. Performers in the village.

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