Why the historical monument of certain Ahwaz merchants has not been resolved?

Saeed Muhammadpour confirmed: The activity in the historic merchants building and the restrictions associated with it will not be removed unless its owners and relevant authorities communicate.

Pointing out that the historic building of Ma’in al-Tijjars Ahwaz has a private owner, he said: Because the building of Ma’in al-Tijjars is not in the possession of cultural heritage, and unfortunately the owner does not want to move and invest in this field. . The build of a particular merchants is uncertain.

Muhammadpour pointed out that the Cultural Heritage Organization does not have permission to enter and operate this historic building until the owner of the historic building, Moin Al-Tijjar, who is already a private owner, agrees and allows it to be operated.

Muhammadpour pointed out that the restoration of the historical monument of Muin al-Tijjar took place in 1386, and he said: After the restoration of this building in 1386, this building was not restored, and errors occurred in the restoration. remained incomplete until now.

Khuzestan Cultural Heritage Lovers Association officials said: The quality of Khuzestan Province, relevant officials and owners of this building, due to the importance of this topic, should properly follow up and think so that the relevant officials can find an alternative property for the land or its private owners, and if this building has a history In the acquisition of cultural heritage, which will be implemented in this building.


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