Establishment of the Shiraz Museum of the Holy Quran

informants / knight The governor of Persia Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon him) announced the establishment of the first museum dedicated to the Qur’an in Shiraz, the third shrine, and said: “We are trying to build and maintain the Qur’an Museum around the shrine of al-Shirag (peace be upon him) . . . ”

Muhammad Rah Al Emani said in a meeting with Muhammad Nemati, a Quranic calligrapher in Shiraz, on Sunday, April 27: “We are trying to help build the first Quran museum in the third shrine of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon him) . . ” Run it in the next few days.

The site of the museum in one of the buildings of the Holy Sanctuary or around Shahchirag (pbuh) and with the support of Hojjatul Islam Kalantari, the ruler of Persia, said: The museum will be built in cooperation. Related organizations

Explaining the importance of building this museum, Imanieh said: “By collecting manuscripts, lithographs and other works of the Holy Qur’an, we are trying to create this special museum with the opinion of professors like Professor Nemati, whose treasures are Islamic treasures and favorite archives.” One

According to the standard powers, it is not only the duty of the government today to respect the status of art, but the goal of those responsible for cultural affairs is to provide a suitable platform for the presentation of cultural and artistic viewpoints along with cultural activities. Community problems.

Amanyeh added that the establishment of a Quran museum near the shrine of Chirag (peace be upon him) was an important issue: “Such a collection should have been established in this city years ago to display various Islamic arts related to Quranic subjects.”

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