Hitaki offenders on the social network Rubica, a classmate

According to the Semnan Province News Agency, Colonel “Mohammed Reza Fadaian” explained the details of this news and said: In response to a citizen’s complaint that a person or persons on the Rubica social network of various identities harassed and insulted him. .

Due to the sensitivity of the judicial order, a case was filed in this regard and it was discussed on the agenda of the police experts.

He added: The tribal tribal areas police experts, according to the complainant’s statements and the documents collected, using the specialized systems available to them, started their technical procedures to identify the accused of the electronic suspects, and in the shortest possible time to determine the identity of the accused. The persons concerned, all of whom were associates of the complainant, were identified and called to the Federal Tribal Areas Police during judicial coordination.

Colonel Fadaian continued: After the defendants were present in the tribal areas police, they initially denied committing any criminal act, but after looking at the indisputable documents and evidence collected by the electronic engineering of this police, they confessed to committing the crime, and in this regard, the case was closed, and it was completed And sent to the Public Prosecution and Revolutionary Prosecution of the province for judicial procedures.

Referring to Article 608 of the Islamic Penal Code, the law enforcement official said: According to the law, insulting people such as obscenity and using obscene language is a crime and the appropriate punishment is prescribed for it, and netizens must be informed of this. Existing laws pay attention in the field of cyberspace.

Citing the need to keep users alert while working in cyberspace, the Chief of Police of Tribal Tribal Areas in Semnan Province has asked the public to report any suspicious and criminal cases through the FATA Police website at WWW.CYBERPOLICE IR.


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