Syed Mahmoud Daayi; in the position of Mahmoud

the first:
Nervousness and nausea are two types of seeds. Breathe peace into his soul. Al-Saadi, peace be upon him, said about not doing harm

How grateful I am for this blessing
I do not oppress people by force

And the tongue of the unseen said:
Don’t ask for harassment and do whatever you want
There is no other sin in our law

But it is important not to be upset or hurt, because a person is always in agony. The source of resentment lies in unfulfilled expectations. Shams al-Tabrizi said: If a person is arrested, it is a war with him (Articles pg. 2). This war is like the pressure of the soul in seeking and anticipating it.

Hafez has spoken against mercy

Be loyal, blameworthy, and happy
He’s an atheist who bothers us our way

He also said:
If you want orange in the presence of pain and defeat
Who annoys Morgan, Marzan, and Morgan?

To see exploitation and loyalty. This is a sign that people are not upset or upset

a prayer; He does not bother anyone and does not grieve anyone.

Rare human lives may be sacrificed
returned more or less no more or less

It was the prayer of those rare men who preferred the method of aversion to disgust and did not initially recognize their belonging to the world.

The late Allama Tabatabai said:
Belonging to external idols is worse, because in external idols it is not considered freedom: (The Fruits of Life Vol. 3, p. 203).

Dua for leaving your body without a shirt (leave your body so that you do not need a shirt)

Decides he can’t live well
It belonged to him because he was not a good man

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution emphasized in his message: Your friendship.

Dating love in this deep sea
He drowned and never came back to the dirty water

Sermon 183 of Hazrat Mulla Al-Muwahhidun Nahd Al-Balagha.

Take my body from me, take it from your body and give it to your soul.

Prayer helps the body to work hard to nourish the soul.

The worshiper’s back also pulled the body plate from his eyes. He made himself and never resented the immature ideas of others.

He always turns to others to correct the impotent work. There are many who are ready to open another business but are not ready to spend their fame on the work of others, but they prayed for it and no one cared.

I have shown you failure
‘eliminates monotheism’

Withdrawing does not mean that he is accused of anything. According to this criterion, it was a Unitarian prayer, because he never accused any of the services he performs. In the years since the introduction of this man of God, the author has never seen praise for his good deeds. She did not possess these qualities, but she was the queen of her being. Our last meeting was on Wednesday 25th of June of this month. He was not received as usual in his room at the Information Institute. In his opinion, everyone was respectful.

Fall in love and someday the world will do
Uninvited character Purpose of the workshop

The prayer was really romantic. Love gives this gift to the lover who can distract him from the beloved. Prayer loved mankind, and the seasons of parting could not diminish this love. Positive energy came to see him. His disappearance triggered a feeling of inadequacy

live to die
Not like death (Snae).

Mr. Mahmoud Doi Mahmoud remained in his place and Mahmoud left.

A memorial to the elite informants of Sayed Mahmoud Doaa

Syed Mahmoud Daei;  Passenger bus instead of bulletproof vest

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